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5 Hot Celebrities Who Look Even Hotter With Beards

5 Hot Celebrities Who Look Even Hotter With Beards

Sometimes facial hair can really bring your handsome level up to a whole new echelon that women never even thought was imaginable. These celebrities have seemed to have found that new look courtesy of their expert facial hair growing skills, and have turn themselves from “hot” to “ever hotter”.

Bradley Cooper – His long slicked back hair, great smile, and piercing eyes makes him a wonderful sight to see. He was stand-out handsome at the Oscar’s last year because of his newly grown beard. I’m sure some people were surprised to see him venture away from his otherwise-consistent good looks with a clean face, but the beard that seemingly came into existence over night is doing him very well!

Chris Pine – It’s very well known that beards can make you look a whole lot older. With an otherwise boyish face, Chris Pine seemed to have gained 5-10 years with some overgrown stubble. With his face, 5-10 years is not a bad thing at all! While I would rather see him trim that beard a little bit, the stubble is definitely a good move.

Ian Somerhalder – A very talented actor that plays a mean vampire, Ian Somerhalder is famously known for his stunning looks. His sinister smile goes well with a clean-shaven face, but once you add a bit of stubble he takes his game up to a whole other level. He goes from vampire to total-badass-with-a-beard.

Jared Leto – Jared is a very talented individual who has excelled at many different things: modeling, music, acting, etc. One of the things that constantly makes him a refreshing sight to see is his knack to experiment. He is known to go with some crazy hairstyles, but this might be why the just-got-off-the-street look goes with his face and personality so well. There aren’t many people who can pull off a scraggly beard and look better with it, but Jared Leto is one of those. Let’s just hope the rest of his body doesn’t look the same way!

James Franco – Quickly becoming one of modern-day film’s biggest stars, James Franco knows how to make himself look good. While a clean-shaven James Franco is more than enough to get women to gawk at him courtesy of his incredible jawline,but a little beard and mustache combo turns him into something special. His sex-appeal definitely goes through the roof with some unruly facial hair.

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