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7 Celebrities Who Rock The Bald Look

7 Celebrities Who Rock The Bald Look

With it’s ever-increasing popularity, the clean-shaven head look has become a popular choice for men seeking a simple and easy hair style. While going bald definitely is not the best for everybody, these seven celebrities can really pull it off. If you have an oddly shaped head and/or don’t want any more attention drawn to your face then shaving your head probably isn’t in your best interests. If are confident however that you have right facial structure to pull off a bald head then it might just be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Andre Agassi – Most famously known as being one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Andre Agassi didn’t always have a clean-shaven head. He wore a wig that showed off lush locks of hair, but once he decided to show off the natural state of his head it was one of the best things to have happened for him. Not only did the women gawk in awe of his good looks, but he also had one of the best years of his career!

Dwayne Johnson – “The Rock” has always been known for his gigantic muscular frame and his charming personality that sprung him onto the Hollywood stage. While the early stages of Johnson’s career had featured several different hair styles, it has been unanimously agreed upon that the clean-shaven look is the best fit for “The Rock”. He even had a very light buzz cut, but even that was no match for his shining dome of glory.

Howie Mandel – A famous talent in front of the camera, Howie Mandel is known for having one of the biggest fears of germs, but also his extremely simple facial hair. A small soul patch goatee is about the only amount of hair you can visibly see. He must take a very fine razor to that head of his.

Jason Statham – Statham is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most kickass actors. His physique is impressive in and of itself, but his looks are up there too. While you might see him with some stubble and a decent head of hair in some films, his clean-shaven head looks much better.

Bruce Willis – This legendary actor is notorious for his beautiful shining head that has been featured in several hit films ever since the mid 80’s. Bruce Willis, while he is one of the best actors of all time, has retained his charm even up to his latest years thanks to the lack of visible gray hair.

LL Cool J – A former rap star turned stand-out actor, LL does not shy away from fashion nor the camera. He is known for his muscular build and fantastic looks, but also his love for hats. While he really enjoys wearing hats, he is only hiding his beautiful bald head underneath. Even the slightest amount of stubble would render him unrecognizable.

Charlize Theron – I figured we need a female in here, so I went with the fantastic Charlize Theron. Known for being an Oscar-award winning actress, Charlize recently cut her locks off and to many people’s surprise she looks just as hot as before!

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