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A Comparison Between Tenacious and Gorilla Tape

Now a day’s world and tech is growing so fast that outdoor activities such as hiking and outdoor gaming has been decreased to a great extent. Yet there are a number of benefits are also provided by modern technology to hikers, tours and gamers to decrease the difficulties that hikers face along their journey. One of the main products for this purpose is tape like tenacious and gorilla tapes that hikers can use in a number of ways.

While you are planning to invest in a good quality tape, there are a lot of options that are available that you can choose from. This article will help you in deciding whether tenacious tape is better than gorilla tape

General uses of duct tape:

Duct tape is mainly used for repairs on the go. It does not need any prior training or essential knowledge to use. It can hold strongly two broken or ruptured portions of any object together. Duct tapes also comes with water proofing hence it can also be used in humid environments.

Duct tapes comes with various load capacities and tensile strengths that determine the holding ability of these tapes. Different duct tapes have different holding abilities with which it can hold objects together.

Duct tapes are also used for packing different objects. This packing can be very easy and consumes much less time than other packing ways hence it is most used option in modern world.

Tenacious and Gorilla Tape:

Tenacious is a multi-purpose tape that is used to fill holes and packing of backpacks and other hiking gear. It is available in precut circles as well as huge rolls to fit your needs. Some people use this tape as permanent solution to many packing problems due to its long lasting ability. Others treat it as temporary solution for repairs on the go. In both the cases, it provides great benefits when you have no other equipment’s available on your hiking trip.

Gorilla tape on the other hand is the best all-purpose tape. It is used especially for first aid purposes. It resembles normal duct tape in its strength and it has water proofing ability that helps it last longer in difficult weather situations. This tape is stickier than tenacious tape and therefore it is difficult to remove this tape if you are planning to use it for temporary fixes. If you try to remove it after a while, it will leave behind dark and sticky residue. Yet this tape is better than normal duct tape and is cost effective when compared to tenacious tape.


When you are going to invest in good quality tape that will help you in temporary fixes of your backpack and other stuff during a journey, tenacious tape can be your best bet since it provides you with a number of benefits like waterproof coating, easy removal with much residue, both temporary and permanent fixes and long lasting strength. No other duct tape can come close to the advantages that are provided by this tape.