Recipe to Riches is an information or news style site, but with a fun look for memorable user experiences. It provides information on celebrity news, cultural information as well as celebrity profiles. The site has three major categories featured, namely:


  • TV/Movies
  • Sports
  • Artist (singer/actor)


Under the category ‘TV/Movies’, users have access to various TV shows, series and programs as well as movies. Whether they were recently released or were produced several decades ago, this category is specifically dedicated to movies and TV shows. The section for sports provides information about all kinds of sports such as basketball, soccer, American football, hockey, ice skating, netball, tennis, volleyball and cricket, among many other kinds of sports.

You just have to name it! The information provided about sports is mainly about current news in the industry, although, hallmark sports events in history are also featured.

Various artists, both singers and actors or actresses, are featured under the ‘artist’ category. This is where users can access news on celebrities, their profiles and biographies as well as cultural information. The site strives to keep users up-to-date with current news that is trending in the industry. The gossip, celebrity fashion and red carpet runaways can all be accessed under this category.

With the increased use of social media networks to communicate and engage with users, Recipe to Riches has not been left behind. The site has been integrated with various social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Instagram, among others. Through this platform, users can easily provide feedback in the form of comments on the content published by the site.

Users can also share the content they find interesting with their friends and family in their circle of friends within these networks. The customer support services ensure that users have the support in the form of answers and solutions to their problems. For information on sports, movies, cultures and celebrities, Recipe to Riches is the site to browse.