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AmazonBasics Security Safe Review

AmazonBasics Security Safe is sold exclusively by Amazon. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced solutions for securing your handguns, documents, or jewellery, you’ll find this safe an excellent choice. Designed to accommodate as many valuables, this safe makes it easy to organize all your items.

The steel body ensures that no one can break through the safe. You don’t have to worry about not accessing your safe in case of a power loss; the safe has backup keys for this reason. You’ll love the fact that the interior is scratch resistant. It’s also well-carpeted, giving it an elegant look. Read this post.

Furthermore, the safe has hidden hinges that make it hard to open the steel door. A removable interior shelf also adds space for other personal items. The fact that you can mount this safe on a rack, wall, or floor makes it convenient for an everyday user. Unfortunately, this safe is not fireproof or waterproof. However, this is understandable given its low price.

Features of AmazonBasics Security Safe

Electronic Locking System

The safe has an electronic locking system with dedicated override keys. The keypad requires four AA batteries. Once you buy, you’ll need to set your codes. The codes will be used to open the door of the safe. In case you forget the combination or run out of batteries, you can take advantage of the override keys. The LCD signals low batteries, and it tells you whether the safe is locked or unlocked.

Elegant Design

The AmazonBasics security safe has a four-point mounting design with bolts. The exterior, black painting complements your décomainlyly if you place it on the shelf, wall, or floor.

Concealed Hinges

If you’re looking for a safe that offers security against intruders, you’ll love the AmazonBasics safe as it has pry-resistant hidden hinges. This ensures maximum security against theft.

Removable Shelf

Unlike other safes which come as one big box, the AmazonBasics safe has a removable shelf that you can use to accommodate smaller items. The floor is also carpeted to protect your valuables from scratches while in storage.

Steel Construction

The safe is made of quality steel material. This ensures durability and reliability.

Pros of the AmazonBasics Security Safe

  • Excellent ratings from customers online
  • Reasonable price
  • Removable shelf for extra storage space
  • Hidden hinges for added security
  • Quick and reliable access thanks to the electronic locking mechanism
  • Made of steel to ensure durability


  • Not approved for gun storage
  • Lacks a backlight making it difficult to access the safe at night
  • The beeping sound produced by the keypad buttons cannot be disabled

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is an affordable and durable safe perfect for storing all your valuables. While other expensive options in the market are approved for gun safety, this safe works perfectly if you need something that is stylish, yet meets your needs. The quality and ease of use make it a good buy for the first time safe owner as well as an experienced enthusiast