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10 Jun 2014

Dogs Who Made It BIG In The Movies!

There is not a dog owner around who doesn’t think that their dog is the cutest and should be in pictures. Every dog from Bridget Marquardt’s dog Wednesday, to Cooper, a standard poodle who first appeared on
7 Jun 2014

Diesel On The Rise – Why Your Mechanic Is Important

When it comes to working on cars and trucks, this can render a good living for a mechanic. If you are interested in pursuing an education in this area, you should understand that the need for diesel
7 Jun 2014

Education Fails to Tame the Criminal Mind

Despite years of education and training, many people only make the wrong choices. Getting involved in criminal activity is sure to be at the top of the going in the wrong direction list. However, some people give
7 Jun 2014

What Kind Of Passion Can Lead To Stardom?

Do you love cooking? If so, it is possible a work as being a chef could lead to celebrity status for many. The key to getting to this point will certainly depend on how well you succeed
13 May 2014

How does Hollywood movie accounting actually work?

How can a movie that brings in $150 million in profits not be profitable? Primarily this is down to Hollywood accounting which uses its creativity not only in the film made but in the revenues received. It