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Avoiding a Thick Midsection and Aiming for a V-Taper


Sculpting the body requires plenty of dedication and sacrifice. However, for people who have no practical experience in resistance training, it’s going to be a steep climb. Some may not even have a definite and quantifiable goal in mind. Those who do have goals are likely to be absent from any comprehensive and well-structured training routines to follow. Sure, any cookie-cutter routine is better than just sitting all day on the couch. But the danger with this is the fact that the Internet is full of misleading advice. And usually, the advice is to train the core. Core, core, core. Core everywhere, with the misunderstood notion, that core training is the key to losing fat around the midsection. No, it doesn’t work that way – spot reduction is an awful myth.

Those who end up following those core-centric exercises with fervency will end up with results that they are likely going to be unhappy with. While they may actually have a stronger and more resilient core eventually, the rest of their body is underdeveloped. It’s tragic in the context of function as well as of form. A strong core isn’t going to be optimized when the extremities are weak. A strong, built core will not look appealing in its juxtaposition against underdeveloped muscles of the chest, back and arms. As weird and ironic as it may sound, but it might be a good idea for a person who wishes to have a strong and visually pleasing body to hold back on those core exercises.

There’s no shame in admitting that the goal to have a sculpted body is the driving force for the body transformation. Yes, being healthy and stronger than the average person is a noble goal. But looking great has its advantages. This is something that has been proven in countless social experiments. In fact, one doesn’t have to look that far to see the evidence that looks do matter. Job interviews are quite notorious for judging people on how they look.

With this in mind, what then should a person who wants to get an impressive physique aim for? Subsequently, what should be their workout routine in order to achieve that goal? Interestingly enough, it’s actually pretty simple. The ideal body to aim for is one that has a notable v-taper. Not just any v-taper, but one that is close to the golden ratio. Everyone knows that golden ratio can be applied to many things to make it visually pleasing. To achieve this golden ratio of a v-taper, one has to have a good set of exercise priorities in their routine. The back, for example, should get a lot of attention because it is the primary muscle that emphasizes the taper. Consequently, the core should be getting fewer workouts in order to prevent a blocky midsection. Check out this honest Adonis Golden Ration review to get a better understanding of how to prioritize exercises. A key takeaway is that rotational workouts should be kept to a minimum. The oblique can mess up a v-taper, should they grow disproportionately larger than the rest of the muscles in the body.