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Baby Monitors For Your Peace Of Mind!

Baby Monitors For Your Peace Of Mind!

Every mother with a newborn child experiences that moment of stuff overload; new crib, baby wipes, car seat, diaper bag, the list seems to go on forever. One of the items on that list is probably a baby monitor; however if you live in a small space you may not think you need one.

For those with nurseries on another floor of the home a baby monitor makes perfect sense. You can go about your day comforted by the sounds of your baby breathing, or alerted when the baby starts crying when awake. For those who live in a smaller dwelling with the nursery close by, the recommendation of a baby monitor still stands; a new mother can run outside to check the mail or even use the bathroom, secure in the knowledge that you can hear your baby when they need you. When a new mother comes home with their infant they may think that they will hear every sound that baby makes however, new mothers can be extremely tired from all that has transpired. A new mother who has just brought life into the world will sleep harder than usual and may not hear the baby when it wakes up for feeding time without the assistance of a baby monitor.

There are many types of baby monitors available, from the very basic with just one audio monitoring device to monitoring devices that have all the bells and whistles a person could want. Prices vary greatly from $20 to the more expensive units that can cost hundreds of dollars. The main difference in these monitors are the audio and visual components; the less expensive units allow a parent to hear their infant while the more expensive units allow a parent to see their infant from where ever the parent happens to be.

One of the higher end options is the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera. This monitoring camera offers exceptional video quality, easy setup, a wide field of viewing area, as well as the ability to remain connected via two-way talk, mobile and web applications. The Dropcam Pro also offers CVR, or Cloud Video Recording which allows for optional secure off-site recording.  The Dropcam Pro allows the new parent the ability to have peace of mind while out of the home and away from their infant. If you are out to dinner and want to check in you can, with the help of the Cloud Video Recording you can watch live or view recorded information. The device also allows for “push” notifications to mobile devices and night vision, for when baby is asleep.

Every parent is concerned about the safety and well-being of their new child, and a baby monitor can help to provide that feeling of security. Whether an infant is just down the hall, on another floor of the home or a parent has stepped out for dinner having a baby monitor, particularly one that allows for real-time viewing can allow the new parent to relax, which every new parent desperately needs.

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