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Baby Monitors: Technology At Your Service!

Baby Monitors: Technology At Your Service!

With all of the choice of baby monitors today it can be a bit overwhelming to make a decision about which is the best one for your family. Baby monitors can be very basic which are somewhat like a couple of walkie-talkies, but most parents today are insisting on seeing their baby as well as hearing them. This is where video monitors come into play.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is the latest and greatest to make an entrance into the baby monitor venue. Infant Optics specializes in innovative technology specifically for infants. Since the introduction of their wildly popular DXR-5 in 2012, Infant Optics has become one of the top selling brands of baby monitors in the United States. Infant Optics takes customer satisfaction seriously and due to the large amounts of feedback from their loyal users, the Infant Optics DXR-8 contains many requested upgrades. These upgrades include an interchangeable lens technology (the first ever), with an optical zoom lens as well as the normal lens; if a parent wishes they can also purchase the wide angle lens separately. The DXR-8 also includes a camera which can be controlled remotely for pan and tilt views, built in two-way talk functions, a compact 3.5” display with an alarm function, temperature and sound indicator, and a retractable antenna. The unit also comes with automatic night vision and is expandable to four cameras. With the DXR-8’s built in encryption a parent can feel assured that only they will be able to view their child’s area.

Another unit that is receiving rave reviews is the Foscam FBM3501 2.4ghz Pan/Tilt Wireless Home and Baby Monitor with 3.5 inch LCD. Having tried this unit myself I can say that it is one of the best baby monitors on the market today. Foscam is a leader in advanced high-quality monitoring cameras and the FBM3501 is no exception. This baby monitor allows a parent to rest assured that their baby is safe, with a secure, encrypted signal, a camera which can be adjusted remotely to pan and tilt, two-way audio with built in microphone and speakers, and a voice activated power-off feature. The LCD will show the time, a feeding timer and even the room temperature. The unit works up to 500 feet away, and at over 900 feet if there is a clear line of sight. The unit can be expanded to up to four cameras and also includes night vision with an automatic sensor. It is worth noting that this is a baby monitor system, not an IP camera which can connect to a network. The Foscam FBM3501 baby monitor comes with a one year warranty which includes both parts and labor.  This monitor is very easy to set-up and use, and has a sleek and minimalist design.

Digital video baby monitors are all the rage now, almost making the old fashioned walkie-talkie types obsolete. Being able to see, as well as hear that your infant is safe and sound brings a peace of mind that nothing else can beat.

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