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Best Bait for Mouse Traps

Catching a mouse is an art. These are very cunning little animals that are very quick and have immense sniffing power. If you are trying to catch a mouse, your luck definitely counts on the selection of bait. Mouse are omnivorous so they can eat on almost anything that has some nutritional value to it. Hey have high sniffing ability so they can track anything even present at remote areas. Type of trap and kind and quality of bait is thus very important if you are trying to catch a mouse in your first attempt.

What to Put on a Mousetrap for Bait

Let’s try to find out what you should put in a mousetrap to maximize the chances of successful catching. There are a lots of products both organic and inorganic that have been found useful to a certain level. We will discuss these foods one by one to analyze their effectiveness.

1. Cheese:

Its historical fact and olden tradition which comes to everyone’s mind to catch a mouse with a piece of cheese. Cheese is a fermented product that has a long shelf life. Cheese has an efficient aroma that attracts the sniffing animals towards itself. Hence it can be a useful bait to catch a mouse.

2. Preserved Meat:

Fresh meet is not a good option to catch a mouse since it gets rotten very easily and can give bad smell that will definitely deter even a mouse or a rodent that you are looking to catch. Preserved meat has stronger chance of catching a mouse due to its long life and fresh smell that can easily attract any mouse.

3. Sausage:

Sausage meat is also alternative to preserved meat. It has all the effectiveness that you get from fresh meat. Moreover, if you look the sausage a little before putting it as a bait, it will be a little work for you but it will definitely worth it. Cooking a sausage yields stronger aroma that attracts mouse and rodents. Thus using sausage can have extra advantage.

4. Chocolate:

Chocolate has fresh and sweet aroma and long life which is good to be used as bait. It increases chances of catching a mouse since it has high calorie level and mouse has strong instinct towards such food that has high consumption value. Long life of chocolate can be an extra advantage since you do not have you replace it for long time.

5. Seeds:

Seeds have excellent shelf life since they can be placed for months until they get spoiled by one way or another. Also they have got much more nutritional value than other organic food. They also need not to be checked or replaced regularly. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are often preferred for this purpose since they are easily available and relatively cheaper.

Hence there are number of baits that if chosen carefully can be effective and efficient to catch a mouse or a rodent at a first try without being fooled by such a small mammal.