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Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids: The Top Three Picks

We all know how repetitive activities like brushing teeth bore the children quickly. However, no matter how dull teeth-cleaning is, it should not be optional. Parents should come up with fun ways to encourage their kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day. It, therefore, means that a traditional toothbrush is not practical when teaching your kids how to care for their teeth. An electric toothbrush is a worthy solution. Even if the kid brushes for a few seconds with an electric toothbrush, it is likely that they have achieved the oral hygiene target. Besides, most electric toothbrushes have the recommended two minutes timer.

When buying an electric toothbrush for your kid, get one that is themed around their favorite cartoon, movie, TV program or even a video game to encourage brushing. Below is a review of the best electric toothbrush for kids: the top three picks based on the above considerations.

Philips Sonicare for kids

The Philips Sonicare for kids is sonic electric toothbrush which boosts up to 30000 brush strokes per minute. It makes brushing fun and educational for kids with its Bluetooth technology. Additionally, its inbuilt timer helps kids brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes.

Features that make it one of the best

  • It comes with two rubber backed soft heads (standard and compact) making it suitable for children of all ages.
  • Its Bluetooth technology connects the toothbrush with a free educative android app. The app tells the child which part of the mouth to brush and rewards them for their oral hygiene hence motivating the kid to brush their teeth.
  • It has numerous multicolored stickers and thus making it easy for kids to personalize their toothbrush handle.

Oral-B stage power for kids

This electric toothbrush features a small handle and soft bristles making it suitable for children less than six years. It includes a smartphone app that features the famous Disney junior characters brushing their teeth hence encouraging the kids to brush their teeth too.

Features that make it one of the best

  • The brush has 16 different melodies that excite the kids while helping them concentrate when brushing their teeth.
  • The Disney junior characters ensure the kid is not only entertained but also motivated to brush teeth regularly.
  • Its handle is attractive, small and comfortable to hold making it suitable for young hands. What’s more, its bristles are soft for gentle brushing.

Oral B junior

The oral B junior is a colorful electric toothbrush suitable for children over six years. It features a round head to remove more plaque than the regular brush. Additionally, its rechargeable battery lasts for more than ten days after charging.

Features that make it one of the best

  • It has extra soft bristles making it suitable and gentle for young gum and teeth.
  • It is colorful hence making brushing fun and enjoyable for children above six years.
  • Its inbuilt timer helps the children brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes.

Although there are many electric toothbrushes out there, the above three are the best in the market today. Remember always to buy a toothbrush motivate your child to observe oral hygiene.