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Breast Pumps: To Pump or Not

Breast Pumps: To Pump or Not

One of the most difficult questions every new mom asks themselves is whether or not they should pump or maintain body to body nursing. The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no and depends on a variety of factors, including personal preference. Just like there are many situations that influence your initial decision, there are just as many situations that can influence you in changing your decision.

Let’s look at a few reasons you may want to breast feed only and a few reasons you may want to pump.

  • provides a close physical bond
  • allows you to bond with your baby
  • allows time for you to sit and relax throughout the day
  • provides valuable hormone production
  • does not require any equipment
  • less expensive

These are some pretty important reasons to exclusively breast feed. But what if something in life changes? Here are some situations that may cause you to reconsider your choice.

  • The need to go back to work
  • The need to go out as an adult and be with your partner
  • Grandma would really like to baby sit
  • You are uncomfortable breast feeding in public
  • The need to develop a larger supply of milk for your baby
  • Your partner wants to bond with baby during feedings

As you can see, all of these situations can change your mind about exclusively breast feeding. Just because these things have changed does not mean you have to resort to formula feeding. It simply means that you need a backup plan and a breast pump is a great back up plan.

Breast Pump

Breast feeding is best and as a mother, you know this. It is important to remember that pumping full time, or alternating between breast and pump does not mean that you have given up. It means that you are resourceful and that your baby’s health is the most important thing to you.

Some of the most popular breast pumps available come from the line of Ameda breast pumps. This is because they are light weight, durable, easy to clean and the suction feels just like your baby is nursing.

One of the most frequent reasons that a woman has decided to pump is because it allows her a little bit more freedom. It allows her to take time out to feel like a woman again. While being a mommy is great, it is important not to lose yourself and not to define your entire character in being a mother.

Going back to work is one of the freedoms that women express mean the most to them. Not only is it a form of physical freedom, but also a form of financial freedom.

Your Choices

No matter what your choice is, you know that breast milk is best for your baby and you have options. Whether you choose to breast feed exclusively, choose to pump, or choose to alternate between the two, you are doing what is best for your baby and their future.

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