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Britax Boulevard and Marathon Car Seat: Breaking Down the Differences

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury and death of children. According to a CDC survey, in the United States, 723 children ages 12 and below and dies as occupants in vehicle crashes. And 128,000 are suffered from injuries. Thus, in one year more than 600 thousand children between ages 0-12 ride vehicles without a child safety seat or booster.

Child restraints or car seats reduce the risk of death and injuries of children in a car crash by 71 to 82 percent. Car seats for children feature designs that secure the safety of kids especially infants. Moreover, it assures that your kid is properly restrained in case of a sudden stop or swerve.

As a parent, you have to make your kids safety a priority particularly when traveling on the road. And the best way to guarantee their safety is to install a car seat for children on your car.

If you have been browsing the web for potential car seats to buy, for sure you encountered the name Britax.

The Britax is a well-known brand in the industry. This company is continuously manufacturing series of innovative and highly functional car seats. The high satisfaction rating from customers is enough proof that Britax is indeed the best buy in the car seat market.

Two of the most popular model of Britax brand is Boulevard ClickTight and Marathon ClickTight. Although these two series of car seats come from the same brand, both of them have unique features and qualities. Thus, if you need help choosing between the Britax Boulevard and Marathon car seats, check one of the most reliable source online, the Kid Sitting Safe.

Boulevard ClickTight

This model from Britax car seat is a convertible type. Here are the features of this item that you’ll look forward to using.


  1. The car seat has a weight capacity of 5 to 40 pounds which can accommodate a child 0 to 12 years old.
  2. The whole car seat weighs 29.4 pounds.
  3. Features high-grade steel frame for durability and stability.
  4. The seat included extra thick foam lining for comfort and protection from car crash.
  5. Features a click snug and safe harness indicator to assure that the straps are tight around the child.


  1. Offers no tether strap for rear-facing installation.
  2. The LATCH installations of the car seat are limited.

Marathon ClickTight

This car seat series by Britax shares similar qualities to Boulevard. These two items are the same in construction and weight capacity. However, here are some of the features that are unique to Marathon ClickTight.


  1. Features the Britax SafeCell impact protection technology that offers more security to children.
  2. Weighs 28.5 pounds which is lighter compared to Boulevard ClickTight.
  3. The seat features a V-shaped tether with an energy-absorbing base.
  4. The Marathon ClickTight car seat is more affordable compared to Boulevard version of Britax.


  1. The car seat only has a single layer of side impact protection.
  2. Marathon ClickTight has no quick-adjust head protection and Click Snug and Safe Harness.
  3. Only has 12-position quick adjust harness.

Would like to learn more about Britax car seats? Find out additional details here at Kid Sitting Safe.