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Buyers guide to air purifiers

Indoor air pollution is one of the environmental health risks we face. This is according to Environmental Protection Agency. The air we breathe has plenty of airborne particles and dust which can cause health problems. In fact, CDC statistics show that air inside the home can be five times dirtier than the air outdoors.

An air purifier is an impressive investment and will do an excellent job of keeping the air in your home clean and free of pollutants. However, with multiple brands of air purifiers in the market, it can be overwhelming and daunting to settle on one. Doing your research can help you find a purifier that meets your needs and budget.

Fortunately, we’ve made your work easier. Here’s the best buyers guide to air purifiers.

Features to Look For in an Air Purifier

Sensor Technology and Indicators

  • Sensor technology and indicators play a critical role in improving a purifiers ‘efficiency. This type of technology means that you can automatically adjust the speed of fans. Also, you can know when to replace or clean your filters by checking on the light indicators. When the lights get dull or fail to work, you’ll know that the filters are full of dust or need an immediate replacement.

Clean Air Delivery Rates

  • CADR rates are meant to inform the buyers of an air purifier’s efficiency. This is calculated by measuring how many cubic feet of air the unit can filter in a minute. The standard categories are pollen, dust, and smoke. Each has a separate number. High CADR rates on an air purifier mean that it will filter the air faster. Purchasing a unit with high CADR rates is essential if you have huge rooms that require regular air filtering.

Type of Filter

  • There are five types of air cleaning technologies mainly hybrid systems, ion generators, mechanical filtering, UV filtration, and electrostatic air cleaners. The most successful and highly recommended mechanical air filter is the HEPA True. These filters eliminate pet dander, dust, and pollen. Check to see if the filter is made out of carbon. This makes it efficient at removing smoke odours, also, find out if you can remove the filter. A washable or replaceable filter guarantees durability.

ACH Rates

The air change rate per hour shows how many times the purifier cleans air for an hour. A unit with a scale of 6 can clean the air in your room every ten minutes; these rates mean the maximum room size and the maximum operating speed.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Purifier


  • While you may be tempted to go for a unit that claims to have amazing results at lower price points, do not rush. Most brands that claim to offer their products at a low price point compromise on the quality. It’s important to note that the most expensive unit may not always be the best investment. Choose a purifier that meets your needs and one that is within your budget.

Size of Your Room

  • The square footage of your room will impact the effectiveness of your air purifier. Find out if your air purifier can cover the size of your room. You can choose a portable filter to move across all the rooms.


  • When choosing a purifier, it’s important to note that the shorter the warranty, the shorter its lifespan will be. Go for a unit with a good warranty if you plan on using it for a long time.