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Buyers guide to pruning shears

The pruning shears are common household tools. This article aims at highlighting some of the key factors that a gardener should consider when purchasing the equipment. There are different types of pruning shears and they are suited for different tasks. The following are some of the factors: More can be found at

a) The Weight and Size of the Shears.

These are our first points for the buyers’ guide to pruning shears. It is important to consider the weight of the equipment especially when the main tasks will involve trimming fences whose height is above the shoulders. If the tool is heavy, you’ll easily get fatigue. However, experts recommend shears with heavy handles as they tend to be more effective in some situations.

b) Cutting Blades and Mechanism.

The standard sizes of the blades are 6 inches and 12 inches. The different sizes are suited for different tasks. For example, if your work involves cutting small branches, it is recommendable to purchase shears with short blades and handles. However, for large tasks, you’ll require longer equipment.

Most of the equipment available in the market today are made of steel and straight blades. The ease of sharpening the pruning shears depends on the shape of the blade. Most people find straight blades easy to sharpen and this explains why such tools are more common among gardeners.

When you are buying pruning shears, consider the cutting mechanism it uses to ensure that it suits your needs. Most manufacturers have introduced geared devices. Such shears only minimal effort to do the pruning. However, experts advise users only to use the geared equipment in cases where the interval of the pruning is long.

c) Warranty and Reviews.

The warranty depends on the manufacturer of the shears. Some of them may give warranties valid for as long as ten years. When you have the assurance that the equipment will either be repaired or replaced if it breaks down during the specified period gives the buyers you peace of mind. Therefore, enquire about whether the pruning shears you selected has a valid warranty.

Before making the final purchasing decision, look at the customer reviews from various online sites. Some of the reviews may be positive while others negative depending on the quality of the services provided by a particular dealer. If the dealer that you identified has positive reviews, you can go ahead and place your order.

d) Size.

Different buyers will buy different pruning shears depending on the size of their hands. Ensure that the handles of the equipment can fit perfectly into your hands. Manufacturers make the tools depending on the hand that the gardeners use. Some of the shears are meant for left-handed while others for right-handed individuals.

e) The Spring Used and Durability of the equipment.

The spring fitted in the pruning shears affects the ease of work to be done. If the spring was properly installed, adjusting the pruning equipment becomes easier.

The higher the quality of the material used to make the shears, the longer the period it will serve you. It is recommendable to ensure that the tool is made of stainless steel.