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25 Oct 2014

Is Rice at Risk? Droughts Hurting Production

Droughts are not a potential threat, they are a reality. While they are easier to forecast than in the past, the best way to deal with a drought is to prepare for one ahead of time and
13 Aug 2014

What Celebrities Have The Best facial Hair?

Facial hair has certainly made a comeback, with many well known celebrities sporting the bearded look. The most important thing to remember about facial hair is to keep it looking well trained and neat, displaying that you
13 Aug 2014

List Of Celebrities That Flaunt Their Chest Hair

Whilst some men prefer to sport the smooth chest look, there are a growing number of men that instead chose to flaunt their chest hair. Flaunting chest hair is reminiscent of the 1970’s where displaying a hairy
6 Aug 2014

Celeb Frankie Sandford Takes Her Dog To A Doggie Spa!

The well pampered pooch’s of Frankie Sandford attended a spa, lucky things. Frankie is getting married to Wayne Bridge and the doggie spa treatment shows that the doggie is also involved in the forthcoming nuptials. It is
6 Aug 2014

Daniel Radcliffe: Professional Dog Walker

Daniel Radcliffe has recently been spotted walking a large variety of dogs. Not just one or two dogs but 8 larger breed dogs of all varieties. It is rumoured that Radcliffe has not just found a new
4 Jul 2014

7 Celebrities Who Rock The Bald Look

With it’s ever-increasing popularity, the clean-shaven head look has become a popular choice for men seeking a simple and easy hair style. While going bald definitely is not the best for everybody, these seven celebrities can really
4 Jul 2014

5 Hot Celebrities Who Look Even Hotter With Beards

Sometimes facial hair can really bring your handsome level up to a whole new echelon that women never even thought was imaginable. These celebrities have seemed to have found that new look courtesy of their expert facial
13 May 2014

How does Hollywood movie accounting actually work?

How can a movie that brings in $150 million in profits not be profitable? Primarily this is down to Hollywood accounting which uses its creativity not only in the film made but in the revenues received. It