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Celeb Frankie Sandford Takes Her Dog To A Doggie Spa!

Celeb Frankie Sandford Takes Her Dog To A Doggie Spa!

The well pampered pooch’s of Frankie Sandford attended a spa, lucky things. Frankie is getting married to Wayne Bridge and the doggie spa treatment shows that the doggie is also involved in the forthcoming nuptials.

It is reported that Frankie’s dogs attended Prestige Paws Spa, where they got the complete pamper experience.

You may wonder what sort of treatment the dogs might have enjoyed. Well Doggie spa’s provide a safe, secure environment where your dogs will be looked after. You can expect your dog to be shampooed and groomed and provided with a stimulating environment in which to play. A spray of doggy friendly perfume will allow your dog to smell beautifully fragrant, claws will be clipped and fur brushed to a gleam.

Dog spas look after a wide variety of breeds, from tiny to extra large varieties of dog. Different dogs have different needs, and any spa worth its salt will be able to cater to the needs of any dog regardless of size, breed and age.

Day Care facilities are a marvellous option for when your dog cannot go with you and you haven’t got access to a dog sitter. The best day care facilities will allow you to visit and inspect before leaving your precious pooch under their care. Centres that allow the dogs to interact and play together under supervision are the very best types.

Smart dogs really benefit from social interaction particularly under the guidance of well trained, responsible handlers. You will find that your dogs general behaviour will improve rapidly especially amongst other dogs and that your pet will be happier and much more content for it.

A good dog Spa will even have climate controlled rooms to ensure the comfort and well being of your lucky doggy. Trips to the day care centre will be seen as a treat for your dog and he/she will look forward to these outings with great pleasure. Dog owners who are parents will find that it is not dissimilar to taking the kids to kindergarten and will see the same kind of improvement in their dogs as seen with children who are properly engaged and stimulated. Learning in a safe and happy environment is FUN.

Celeb Frankie Sandford Takes Her Dog To A Doggie Spa Credit Picture License: Ikkin Photography via photopin cc