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Choosing The Best Table Saw

Are you planning to create a modern furniture workshop? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the centerpieces of a modern woodshop. The one defines the quality of furniture and the efficiency with which you will be able to work. That centerpiece is the table saw which often takes the place of saws such as the Bosch miter saws, however, is not as easy to move as the latter either.

The table saw, which is also known as the sawbench can be categorized into three major categories of sawbenches. Those categories are as follows.

Cabinet Saws

It’s largest, heaviest, and most costly of the three saws. They have a cast iron table, whose surface has been machined to make it very smooth. Under the table surface, there is a cabinet that house the motor as well as the trunnions and gears. The mechanical assembly is not only heavy duty, but it works in a precise manner. Generally, its motor is rated between 3hp to 5hp, and the overall weight of the entire unit is about 600 pounds.

Contractor saws

They have a lighter and portable design, which allows contractors to transport them to a site. They have a table made of aluminum, and the motor is mounted on its side, and uses a blade driven by a belt. Moreover, the tunnions also have a lightweight design. The motors are rated between 1hp and 1-2/4 hp because portability is given greater priority compared to accuracy and power.

Hybrid Saws

This type combines some features of the first two saws. While the design varies from one manufacturer to another, generally, you will find that one has heavier trunnions, gears, main saw table, and legs to give it the maximum working height. Most of their motors are rated 2 hp or less.

Factors to Consider When Buying Woodshop Saws

Saw Table

When buying your saw, one of the factors to consider is the table. If you need a heavy-duty saw, then you need buy one that’s made of cast iron. However, if you need one that is highly portable, then you should go for one that’s made of aluminum. You may also choose to compromise by choosing a table made of cast iron with wings built from aluminum.


The fence should be accurate and parallel to the saw blade at all times. Otherwise, all workpieces that will be worked on from this unit will come out crooked. You need to make sure that you can easily move it around, locks solidly into place, and remains parallel to the blade at all times.


You may choose a table with a left tilt or right tilt. Most saws with a 0 to 45 degrees bevel adjustment, tilt to the right, but there are others that use a left tilt. Overall, those with a fence position on the right are considered safer. If you have used woodshop saws before, it’s possible you are used to the left tilt. Overall, the tilt will be a matter of preference.

We hope that you found this article to be informative and engaging, and you will be able to find a saw that fits your requirements.