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Daniel Radcliffe: Professional Dog Walker

Daniel Radcliffe: Professional Dog Walker

Daniel Radcliffe has recently been spotted walking a large variety of dogs. Not just one or two dogs but 8 larger breed dogs of all varieties. It is rumoured that Radcliffe has not just found a new excessive love of dogs, instead it is believed to linked to his new role in the film Trainwreck, due to be released July 2015. The film written by Amy Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow is set to be a summer blockbuster, although the plot is a highly guarded secret.

Trainwreck features other stars such as Tilda Swinton, Bill Hader, Brie Larson and Erza Miller. Eyewitness reports state that Radcliffe looked very confident walking such a large number of dogs, and the director joked that they were all the actors own.

It is hard to identify all the breeds of dogs that Radcliffe was walking. Medium sized dogs are those which are classed as weighing between 22-55 pounds. There is a massive variety of dogs within this group and they often make excellent pets. Radcliffe was lucky that the dogs were well behaved, because such a large pack of dogs could easily have pulled him over, due to their size and strength.

The type of dogs that Radcliffe was photographed with tended to be of the hypoallergenic variety. Hypoallergenic breeds, shed less fur and dander, fantastic news for people who are sensitive to the presence of dogs.

Dander is dead skin cells and flakes and is the main cause of hypersensitivity to dogs. Popular belief holds that it is the shedding of dog hairs that provokes an allergic reaction whereas it is actually the dander that is the problem, though long hair dogs can be responsible for bringing in pollen and dust particles that can also cause an allergic reaction. It is therefore advisable to be certain of any allergies you or a family member may have before settling on the idea of owning a dog.

If there is a chance of a household member having an allergy then choosing a hypoallergenic breed would be a sensible option. There are several breeds of dog in this category, ranging from small Dachshund to the Large Standard Poodle. Seasonal variations can cause even these breeds to shed albeit minimally. A little care and research before getting your family pet will prevent complications spoiling your enjoyment of your new doggy.

Daniel Radcliffe: Professional Dog Walker Credit Picture License: Mark Witton via photopin cc