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Dealing With Low Platelet Count Problem


Feeling tired can be one symptom that can signify low platelet count. But how can you be sure if this has something to do with platelet problems? The best thing you can do is to visit your doctor so necessary diagnostic procedures can be done. A blood test can be performed where you will know the number of blood cells that you have in your system, including platelets. If you are an adult, you need to have at least 150,000or nor more than 450,000 platelets in every microliter of your blood. Lesser than this count would mean you are suffering from thrombocytopenia.


Another way to determine whether you have low platelet count is through physical exam where the doctor will get a complete medical history. Bleeding signs will be checked, especially under your skin and the doctor will also assess for any spleen enlargement by palpating your abdomen. You will also be asked for a history of illnesses in the past and the medications you have taken or the supplements you maintain. Whatever symptoms will be noted, the doctor will recommend further assessment through other diagnostic procedures. Most of the time, low platelet count will resolve on its own.


Hence, no treatment is needed. One way to ensure recovery is by eliminating any factor that causes the symptom. For instance, if your low platelet count was caused by heparin then your doctor will prescribe another medication as a replacement for heparin. But bear in mind that low platelet problem may still persist within the week since you have stopped taking heparin.


Another way to treat low platelet count is through platelet or blood transfusion. The blood that was lost will be replaced through such process, thereby improving your platelet count as well. If your condition was triggered by any problem in your immune system, drugs may be prescribed to boost your platelet count. A preferable drug will be the corticosteroid. But this does not work, other drugs may be prescribed by your doctor. If the condition will not be resolved, surgery will be performed. A splenectomy will be done. This is a procedure where the spleen will be removed. In case of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, plasma exchange will be done since this is considered to be a medical emergency.


Meanwhile, if you have been diagnosed to have thrombocytopenia or low platelet count, you need to refrain from doing activities that can result in injury. You can refer to your doctor and ask what these activities are so you can make a list of them. Examples are contact sports like martial arts, boxing, and football. When you are an alcohol drinker, it will be about time to drink alcohol in moderation or not drink any of it at all. And when taking over the counter medication, you have to be very careful since some of them may impair your platelet function. Examples of these are Motrin IB, Advil, and many others.


However, you have the option to turn into natural ways to increase your platelet count. Simply visit to know more about it.