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Desks That Can Be Used for Dual-Monitored Computers


Every gamer, office worker, student, and individuals who always accomplish tasks using computers dream of having dual-monitored computers. That is because they finish every little thing in a shorter period. Incorporating another monitor is not as hard as it seems since there are already a lot of instructional videos and articles.


However, people may have difficulty looking for computer desks that are specifically designed for two monitors. This is due to the reason that there only a few manufacturers who do such and they are often expensive. Fortunately, there are some desks big enough for two screens that they can opt for. These products have wide and/or long work surfaces that users can use them for whatever purposes they want. Such can be a study or office table, and a desk for two-monitored computers.


In order to narrow down the search for such kind of tables, this article will be reviewing two tables below.


Bush Business Furniture Series A, 72-Inch Desk


This 101-pound product comes in different colors that people can choose from namely beech, cherry grey, walnut, Hansen cherry, light oak, natural cherry, pewter, and slate. All of which have been finished using a thermally fused laminate material to ensure that no scratches and stains can make the product look ugly and old.


This table has a two wire management systems so that the wires of the computer can be kept neat and will not be visible. What is better is that there is also a designated area underneath wherein the cable wires can be kept organized. Another great thing is that it has enough space for the user’s legs and thighs to move around since it has an open, C-leg design.


Unfortunately, the product does not come with any storage items like drawers and cabinets, as well as a keyboard tray. Such, however, can be bought separately. Amazingly, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.


Bestar 92850 U Shaped Desk


This product is loved by many individuals because of the fact that it has a hunch that can be installed on the right or left side of the main table. Thus, people will be able to place the table in any direction of their home or office. The hunch also provides users with plenty of storage and display spaces. To add more to that, the table also has drawers that can accommodate important or confidential documents.


Construction-wise, the product is also worthy to buy since it is made using commercial-grade materials that are resistant to scratches, burns, and stains. It is quite a heavy item which weighs approximately 300 pounds. Such can make assembling the product quite difficult for other people. Nonetheless, the company offers a five-year, limited warranty.


Final Verdict

The two desks above are a good alternative for specially designed dual-monitor computer tables. Both of them have been made using quality and sturdy materials. They also come with warranties that can give buyers peace of mind. Thus, both of them are worthy purchases.


The one from Bush Business Furniture will be a great choice for individuals who have limited working space and the Bestar model is recommended for those who need a lot of storage spaces.