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Easy Quilting: Tips in Designing Modern Quilts

1Quilting is one of the favorable sewing projects because of the remarkable overall design after having to sew multiple fabrics together. If you are interested in designing your own quilts, below are some tips that you may use to design modern quilts:

Tip #1: Choose what you like.

One of the best ways to create your own masterpiece is choosing what you like. For instance;

  • Choose your favorite colors that you want to quilt
  • Then, try to pick three or four of your favorite solid, clear, and clean colors. Solid-colored-fabrics can provide better designs than choosing fabrics with added patterns, this is to avoid dramatic results that may affect your entire quilting design.
  • Choose a kit that fits your needs

Tip #2: Use solid and darker colors.

Patterns with darker colors are far more emphasized than using light-colored fabrics. However, you have to choose the right colors that will not overwhelm the entire design. For instance, you may use pastel-colored fabrics for the background area and solid and darker-colored fabrics for the pattern.

Tip #3: Use simple shapes.

The trick to have a remarkable quilting result is using simple shapes; for instance, if you are a beginner, you must not be filled with creating tricky shapes like diagonals or diamonds, instead, try to use simple shapes such as circles, triangles, and even the free-cut form. Also, try to be creative and play around with different easy shapes, but use clean and simple pattern; the next time you will know it, you have done a better pattern out of simple shapes.

Tip #4: Use larger shapes.

One of the basic rules in quilting is avoiding negative space, where most of the background areas are embracing the entire design. Preferably, use larger shapes to embrace the negative areas. Choosing larger shapes and eliminating the negative areas will emphasize the pattern and the overall design.

Tip #5: Try using the straight-line or the free-motion quilting.

Quilting with free-motion is creating patterns that are random, in other words, it is creating a design that does not have a specific pattern or flow. All you need is creativity and use efficient quilting kits for beginners.

Tip #6: Try using your surroundings as your model.

Be creative and try to use the world that surrounds you as your model. Examples are the trees, flowers, houses, and more. All you need is your confidence in using your imagination.

Tip #7: Do not forget to have back arts.

Back arts or also known as “piece backings”, adds interest in quilt design. If you want to add modern atmosphere to your quilting project, be patient in adding back arts. Quilting can be very tricky at most times, but it is definitely fun after you have accomplished making one. All you need is be creative, try to improvise some structured pattern, use your imagination, and have patience. Also, to have a better result in quilting, you need the right equipment or kit because using low-quality materials in quilting can give you an unfavorable result.28