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Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Surveillance Recorder

Security cameras are a must for businesses of all sizes but choosing the right one can prove to be a tough decision. However, this is an industry in full development so surveillance cameras can bring amazing benefits to your business, way beyond security only. This is why it is vital to make the right choice. ‘if you feel a bit overwhelmed with the wide variety of types of surveillance cameras now on the market, please see below a short list of tips that should make your job a bit easier.

1. Do they have to be discreet or it is better to act as visual deterrent?

What do you need to monitor? By answering to this question, you will basically determine what type of camera you should opt for. They can, of course, be obvious or discreet. Box cameras, for example, are the most obvious types of cameras and they have the purpose to remind people that they are being monitored. If you need something to help you follow a subject, then we recommend you to opt for something more discreet.

2. How large is the area that you plan to cover?

This is another important question to answer to. By having a clear answer to this question, you will also get an idea about the network type that you should be using. For large areas, we recommend you PTZ areas while smaller areas usually require static cameras.

3. Will you use the surveillance cameras indoors or outdoors?

Most of the cameras now on the market can be used both inside and out but there are a few conditions to take into consideration when shopping for such an item. For example, extreme weather conditions require the investment in a camera with a durable design, one that maybe even has an inbuilt heater.

4. Camera channels

The most popular types of camera considering the camera channels are NVRs and DVRs. Network Video Recorders, as well as Digital Video Recorders come in various sizes, typically with 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel systems. If you are interested to learn more about nvr vs dvr, you should know that for most people, the difference between them is a bit confusing. A NVR records IP cameras which are transmitted via a network cable. In simpler words, NVRs record IP cameras. DVRs record analog or via a coax cable. When it comes to ease of use, both NVRs and DVRS have user friendly menus. NVRs tend to be slightly more complex simply due to the fact that they are network devices which need to be programmed with an IP address; they basically work just like any other type of device which must be connected to a network. DVRS represent a plug and play solution and they are excellent for those who don’t want any network connection related headaches.

Regardless of what you decide to choose, companies such as Phenom Security will help you get a better understanding of the offer on the market and they will also point out the products that are worth your attention.