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Everything You Need to Look for When Picking Out Khaki Pants

Most men associate khaki as a uniform or office wear, but you can also match it with casual outfits. Khakis are extremely versatile and comfortable to wear. It is easy to wear and goes with almost everything. If you need a pair of pants that’ll is stylish, functional, and practical, no need to look further than khakis.

If you are planning to do some wardrobe transformation, the best way to begin is to find the best khakis for various occasions.

Searching for a good pair of khakis is tricky of a person who never bought or wore one before. If you are new to this style, below are some tips that’ll guide you in picking out what khaki pants are best.

#1 Pay Attention to Color

Khakis come in various colors and shades. Even back in history, men wear different shades of khakis from dark tones to lighter shades. Thus, if you want to buy a pair of khaki pants, consider its color. It is better to pick two with one a lighter shade than the other. With this, you’ll have options to wear.

#2 Check Out the Material

Cotton is the most ideal material for khaki pants. It is comfortable and not irritating on the skin. Likewise, cotton is breathable. It prevents your leg from getting too sweaty, especially when outdoors. Examples of best-selling khaki pants with high cotton construction are the following:

  • Lee Men’s Performance Series Khaki Pants
  • Dockers Men’s Signature Classic-Fit Khaki Pleated Pants
  • Carhartt Relaxed Fit Rugged Khaki Work Pants
  • Dickies Men’s Original 874 Khaki Work Pants
  • Mountain Camber 107 Men’s Khaki Pants

Though cotton is a popular choice of material for khakis, there are other options in the market. For example, there are slack khakis and denim khakis. The classic slack khakis are more suitable for professional use, whereas denim khakis are for daily and casual wear.

#3 Versatile

Not all khaki pants in the market easily adapt to any situation. Some are too uncomfortable to wear for work. Hence, you also have to take note of the pants’ adaptability and versatility before buying. Make sure it has features deal for specific conditions, such as stretchy construction, expandable waistband, and active comfort fabric.

#4 Machine Washable

Choose khaki pants that are machine washable. This type of khaki is more convenient since you can wash it home and requires no dry cleaning. Moreover, machine washable khakis are sturdier. They are not prone to wear and tear and usually have a longer lifespan.

#5 Budget

The cost of khaki pants depends on its material and features. Some are extremely affordable, while high-end pants are more expensive. But the goodness of buying reasonably priced khakis is that you can guarantee the quality of the fabric.

If you are a bit low on the budget, there are countless alternatives to khaki pants in the market at an affordable price. You can go to Comfortable Dress Shoes to see the top-seller budget-friendly khakis this year.


You can look handsome and stylish on khaki. All you have to do is invest in high-quality khaki pants with the help of the above pointers.