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Experience on How to Become Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn at Gogo Cosplay!



Do you want to turn your fantasy into reality? If you do, you can become whomever you want by cosplaying. Cosplay has become a huge hit for geeks and comic enthusiast. They find it exciting and wonderful to transform themselves into one of their favorite characters in an anime, cartoons, or a comic hero. There’s something fun, enjoyable and refreshing in cosplaying. It feels like you are inviting another side of yourself that you do not always show to people. Most of all, it is an excellent approach for cosplayers to show their love and passion in cosplay. Today, you can find various online sites and even shows that encourages cosplayers to show off their talent and skills in portraying a fictional character. One of the most popular web portals that organize cosplay contest is Gogo Cosplay. Right now, they are challenging cosplayers to take up their latest cosplay contest; that is the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad cosplay. Harley Quinn is one of the most popular characters in Suicide Squad. There is something strange yet interesting in the character of Harley Quinn. As the romantic interest of Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Joker), she has a mysterious vibe that is attractive to the audiences. Not to mention, her sexy, gorgeous and playful nature makes her character more enticing than the other members of the Suicide Squad. So, are you up to the challenge of Gogo Cosplay and be recognized as the best Harley Quinn cosplayer? Here’s how to you should join the Gogo Cosplay Harley Quinn Suicide Squad contest.

  1. Prepare your Cosplay Character

The first step to join in this contest is to prepare your character. Get your fantastic Harley Quinn costume before submitting your entry. Make sure to complete your get up from Harley Quinn’s famous sexy fashions style, hair, makeup, and accessories. If you have no idea on where to start, you can consult Gogo Cosplay’s DIY instruction in creating a Harley Quinn costume. You may add your own style if you want to upgrade the classic Harley Quinn costume. Likewise, build your character and make people believe that you are indeed Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn.

  1. Capture your Photo

Once you have completed the Harley Quinn character get up, the next step is to take a photo. You can do your own setting and portrayal of the character. However, make sure to capture an amazing photo so you can convince the voters that you are the leading Harley Quinn cosplayer.

  1. Present your Photo

After capturing your photo, you can present your showcase immediately to Gogo Cosplay’s Instagram and the Facebook page then tag it with #gogocosplay. Do not forget to link back from Gogo Cosplay’s post. If you prefer to post it on Facebook, you can go to Go Go Cosplay’s page on Facebook to post your photo. Also, do not forget to add the sites’ social media account. Do you need more details on how to participate in this showcase? Visit Gogo Cosplay right on their official website.