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Falls Facts About Bidets

3Bidets are one of the bathroom fixtures that are very common these days. They provide a lot of benefits when it comes to hygiene and comfort. However, some people are still hesitant because of the false facts that they might have heard from other people. Here are some of the misconceptions about bidets that need to be cleared.

Bidets are expensive.

Not all bidets would cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, there are more affordable bidets than overpriced ones. The prices of bidets would depend on the additional features included in them. You can find really cheap hand-held bidet sprayers that could be very handy, too, and would only cost you less than $50. However, if you really want a bidet that has special features like sensors, remote controls and more, you might want to invest around $300 – $900 for it.

Bidets are space-consuming.

One of the problems of some who are still hesitating to get a bidet is that they have very little space in their bathrooms. Before, getting a bidet to fit in with the rest of the bathroom fixtures might be a problem. But now, there are bidet seats that can just be attached on top of the toilet seat. They can have all the amazing features that a separate bidet can have.Bidets waste a lot of water.

Bidets use water.

That’s a fact. But, the amount of water that is used to wash yourself using a bidet is the same amount of water you would use in washing your hands after when you don’t use a bidet. The warm water and the pressure from the spray would instantly clean your bottom and private parts.

Bidets add up electrical bills.

Electric bidets use up electricity, of course. But, the consumption of energy would not be big enough to make a huge difference. The price of the additional electricity might even be lower than the money you spend on buying all those rolls of tissue paper for your bathroom. You could turn off the settings or the power if you do not feel the need for the heater system. Besides, there are non-electric bidets that can have the same hygienic benefits.

Bidets are hard to install.

Not anymore. Because of the newer models of bidets, there is no need for you to contact a plumber or an installation team just to set up your new bidet. Once you purchase a bidet, you would be given a manual where easy to follow instructions are included. Even women can install a bidet themselves.

Bidets can be dangerous with kids around.

Even if you have a very mischievous child in the house, you would not need to worry about him or her getting into any accident because of the bidet. The wirings of the bidet and the hose that connects to the water system are safely encased in protective covering to avoid electrocution or leakage on the floor. If you want to know more about bidets in detail, you can visit Advance My House here.