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Fishing with the Best Equipment

Fishing with the Best Equipment

If you are going on a weekend fishing trip there are some gadgets that you are sure to want to have. From fish finders for kayaks to baitcasting reels, you need to make sure you have these items on your kayak for sure.

Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro Fishfinder/GPS Combo – 4″ Color Display – The Dragonfly is our new favorite fish finder – we don’t have enough words to describe how awesome it is. At 4 inches, it’s best suited for small boats, kayaks. If you are looking for something a little larger, it’s 5″ bigger brother is good for larger boats and charters, too.

It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use (just three buttons needed), and the amazing CHIRP technology shows you incredible life-like images – so you get both 3D SONAR and traditional SONAR up to depths of 1000 feet. The GPS and inbuilt charts show you where you are, and you can even connect via Wi-Fi to your phone to stream live SONAR data. The screen is newer and better than the older Dragonfly model, too – this time, it’s all-weather viewable, so no matter if the sun is in your face or if it is raining, you’ll see the screen clearly. For less than $400, this is the best your money can buy.

If you are buying something for a small boat, you have to consider how you are going to install your fish finder. The transducer will mount fine on the transom, but you need some space to put the actual finder itself.

Baitcasting Reels

These short baitcasting reel reviews will help you choose the right one for your next fishing trip. Daiwa is now well established manufacturer of quality bait casting reels which has been producing a tremendous amount of high-quality products over many years which has served the fishing community exceptionally well and which has provided fishermen with an excellent angling experience time and time again.

Some of my fishermen friends have invested heavily in Daiwa products and have been very pleased with those purchases. The Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Bait cast Reel is another product which has been scrutinized extensively by myself and some buddies on a recent angling excursion and the firm verdict was that it is product which are worthy of the positive reviews which it has received.

Likewise, Shimano are now well-established manufacturer of bait casting reels which has produced some best bait casting reel models which are suitable for use under most conditions and are providing an excellent angling experience which has become very popular under many fishing communities.

During a recent cave angling experience I set out specifically to test this product and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

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