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Fluorocarbon coated P-Line Floroclear Fishing Line

Fishing is very enjoyable if you have a passion for it. You make a catch by just putting your bait on the fishing hook, and then you cast it into the water, then you wait for a fish to fall for your hook. There are many fishing lines in the market, and they are made in different methods and designs. For reliability and durability, this fishing line has been upgraded by having a Fluorocarbon coating. You will learn more about Floroclear fluorocarbon coated line in this article.

P-Line details

P-Line is not like other low quality fishing lines that will disappoint you countless times, or even make you to lose your hook and the fish that you had caught. It is highly reliable, because it has been optimized by its Floroclear Fluorocarbon coating. It not only steps up its quality, but also makes the line flexible, not to mention that it adds smoothness to it. It is thinner than most lines with about 30% that makes it easier to cast, and it cannot cause you problems of knotting. Furthermore, this line has some kind of camouflage because it is not clearly visible. Therefore, it is hard for fish to see it or detect that there is a fishing line within their vicinity.

Reliability of P-Line

P-Line is quite reliable because it is compatible with diverse fishing accoutrements. You can use it with a casting reel and also with a spinning reel, and it is very efficient. It has a copolymer strength and its Fluorocarbon coating greatly reduces its visibility for easier catching of fish. It is available in a range of weights such as 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 pounds. However, it is only the 4 pounds line that has been tested. It can also be casted to a length of 600 yards, which gives you quite a long and wide fishing range. Even according to the user reviews on renowned and distinguished selling platforms like Amazon and eBay, P-Line has gotten many 5 star ratings.

Among all the fishing lines that fall under P-Line’s category, there is none that can parallel the quality and goodness of this line. Most of them are stiff, and thus they are not easy to cast, unlike this one that is extra smooth. Moreover, the copolymer that has been used in this line also greatly helps in making the fish to lose memory. It also has an increased weight that facilitates casting, not to mention that it is suitable for flowing, clear and coloured waters.

Durability of P-Line

Most fishing lines do not last for long because of wear and tear. To prevent this and increase durability, this line has been enhanced by having a touch of copolymer, which also prevents it from knotting. It does not fray and wear out easily, and thus it will give you a long service that reflects to having value for your money. This also incorporates hardiness because if it is brittle, it can easily break – making you to lose the fish and the hook.

To recap, P-Line is a high quality fishing line that will never disappoint you. It is worth going for, and it will make you marvel.