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Four Essential Features of a Good Table Saw

2The primary equipment that any person who wants to get into woodworking is obviously the table saw. It does the bulk of the cutting, even so far as to cutting detailing with the help of intricately created jigs and sleds. The problem is that someone who has absolutely no experience in woodworking and handling related equipment might find it difficult to choose the right table saw to purchase. The stakes are high considering that table saws that woodworking enthusiasts and professionals buy are usually one that will last them for years. Here are some considerations to take note of to make it less overwhelming when choosing one from the store.

  1. Preventing kickback

A table saw must have a kickback prevention in place to prevent the wood from being caught in the sawtooth and thrown towards the user as an accidental projectile. The choice between a splitter and a riving knife is usually an obvious one, a riving knife is seen in almost all new models of table saws these days. Articles like a Grizzly G0715P review emphasize the advantages of a riving knife over splitters, and any sensible woodworking professional will acknowledge it. Nevertheless, whether it’s a splitter or a riving knife, what’s important is having it in order to avoid injuries in the shop.

  1. Dust collection

For a lot of people, the image of a woodworking shop is one that has its floor littered with half an inch thick sawdust. This isn’t really the case, as professional woodworkers understand that keeping their shop orderly and neat is important. It gives them a sense of pride, much like how a chef wants to keep their kitchen spotless. Also, having too many sawdust on the floor can be dangerous. A table saw should have a means to collect sawdust, as it is extremely inconvenient to keep sweeping the floor after every cutting of a plank of wood.

  1. A kick switch

What’s the big deal about having a kick switch? Well, as it turns out, it’s pretty much a necessary feature of any good table saw. For safety and workmanship’s sake, woodworkers need to use two hands to control their cuts better. With both hands firmly grasping the wood, it’s going to be difficult and dangerous to turn the blade off. Table saws that have kick switches provide the convenience of having a free leg turn do the turning off.

  1. Consider getting one with flesh sensor.

There’s no point in turning a blind eye to the risks of woodworking. Countless people have lost a finger or two from misestimating and sheer carelessness. Flesh sensors make table saws more expensive. But considering how it helps keep fingers intact, it’s most definitely worth considering. The mechanism itself is impressive. Much like how smartphones have responsive touch screens, flesh sensors incorporated into table saws are able to detect the faintest electrical signal from the hand and will trigger a mechanism that stops the saw blade in its tracks. In all honesty, this feature shouldn’t even need to be considered optional. Every woodworker who values their safety should get a table saw that has it.