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Four Important Features of a Pressure Washer to Check before Buying

Pressure washers are the great tool for heavy duty cleaning. It can help you to remove stubborn dirt on your car, house exterior and even in your pavements. It is your key to keeping your home clean and pristine without spending money to hire professional cleaners.


So, are you planning to purchase a pressure washer? If you do, read this first and check out the most important aspects of a pressure washer that you must before buying.

The Motor Power 

Each brand of pressure washer differs in the type of motor it uses and power which the motor produces. If you happen to read reviews about pressure washers, you will notice that some brand of this tool has 175 cc motor, 5 horsepower (HP) and many more. It is necessary to check the cc and hp of an engine to guarantee that it can create a 2700 psi pressure. Remember that the amount of pressure which this tool can produce relies on the type of engine and power it has. Examples of engine power that can create a 2700 psi pressure are 4 horsepower 170 cc motor to 6.5 hp 205 cc motor. You can find this power in brands like Pulsar PGPW2700H-A, Duromax XP2700PWS, Powerstroke PS80533, Ford FPWG2700H-J and Ryobi 2700-PSI.

The Source of Power 

Pressure washers also use different sources of power. Some brands use a gasoline whereas others are powered by electricity. Between these two, gasoline powered pressure washers are more efficient since it has a reliable amount of power compared to electric powered pressure washers. The only downfall with gas powered is the noise and smell it creates while working. Also, it requires a sufficient supply of gasoline to make it work. Hence, it can be a bit expensive compared to electric pressure washers.


Another important aspect of a pressure washer is its durability. Before buying your own pressure washer, make sure to check out the construction of its frame. Know what materials it is made of, to assure that it will last longer. If you are searching for a pressure washer with a quality build, pick one that is constructed from high-grade powder coated steel. Also, buy one with a never flat tire for small pressure washers and pneumatic tires for bigger washer models.

Ergonomic Features 

No one would want to buy a pressure washer that is tough to maneuver especially in rough terrains. Buy a washer that is easy to control and has ergonomic features. This type of pressure washers has comfortable handles, long cord hose, convenient trigger gun and more. Using a washer with such features can help you complete your cleaning task even in prolonged hours.

Indeed, choosing a pressure washer can be confusing. Therefore, you will need the right guide to help you pick out the best pressure washer on the market. The good news is Garage Craftsman can guide you in selecting the perfect washer for you.

Garage Craftsman is a reliable source of pressure washer reviews. They post regular updates on the latest updates regarding the leading brands of pressure washers in the market. You can check out their website to learn more about this tool.