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Glass Blowing Overview for Beginners


A unique and oldest form of art in the world is glass blowing. And we can’t deny the fact that this is the coolest too! Perhaps at some point in your life, you have seen someone doing this and you marveled in such an awesome way of craftsmanship and thought that you need some sort of a studio to do such art. Well, the truth is; you can do glass blowing without the sophistication of a studio. As long as you know the basics, you can try it yourself as you try to explore this type of art.

What is it about?

Glassblowing literally means blowing an air into a tube to form shapes out of a molten glass. And interestingly, it is not a modern invention since it has been done 2,000 years ago in Syria. However, only a few people have the skills needed to do it. Necessary tools are also needed to do such artwork. However, by 1960, such art became available to the public when the American Studio Glass Movement taught the art in universities as well as the opening of studios that became open to the public.

Creating possibilities

You are only limited in your imaginations when it comes to glass blowing. As long as you have the skills (or the determination to learn it) and the needed supplies then you are good to go. To know what materials you will need, you can check out . On this site, you will learn to know the needed kits and how to choose a good one. With more glass blowing experiences, you will get to master the craft over time. Glass blowing artists created masterpieces that they never thought that can create before. These arts come in stunning combinations of shapes and colors. If you are still starting with your glass blowing projects, choose rounded objects such as cylindrical jars or spherical ornaments. They are less complicated to deal with compared with angular shaped or squiggly objects.

Materials needed

For the materials, you will need a glass. For experts, they would use silica. But if you are just working at home, you can settle for a recycled melted glass. Another thing you will need is a glory hole. This is a furnace needed for reheating glass once it cools and stiffs. Annealer is also needed. This is a kiln where the glassware is placed once shaping is done. The annealer will help cool down the glassware and keeps it from being brittle afterward. Blowtorch will be needed for heating the glass. This is essential for a more intricate and detailed work after the glass comes out from the furnace. It can be used as a main source of heat and not as a furnace.

Glass Blowing Supplies

Among the glass blowing supplies needed are listed below:

  • Tweezers
  • Pontil
  • Shears
  • Jacks
  • Safety Gear
  • Stem Stick and Puffer
  • Pyrometer
  • Pipe
  • Marver

So, remember that it takes more than skills to be a good glass blower. You will need good tools and supplies to master your art as well. Hence, you must be careful when buying these items from the store.