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Halogen Headlight Bulbs: Why it Keeps Blowing Up?

Several car owners often complain that most halogen headlight bulbs would blow up after several uses. Why does it keep blowing up? How does it happen?

What is a halogen headlight bulb?

A halogen headlight bulb is a type of incandescent bulb, consisting of a thin tungsten filament that is surrounded by halogen gas. The bulb is encapsulated form and made from glass filament.

Its beam pattern is in a yellow shade but tends to be in white during its peak, 7 to10 seconds after you turned it on. One of the common reasons why several car owners prefer halogen headlight bulb is its luminescence, where it provides white, bright, crisp light.

But why does it tend to blow up?

There are several reasons why several halogen bulbs worn blow up after several uses; these reasons include the following:

Reason #1: Low-quality halogen bulb

It is no surprise that halogen headlight bulbs are less expensive than LED bulbs; however, you should think twice about buying the cheaper ones or from unknown brands because some of these aren’t designed for longevity.

The average hours of use for halogen light bulbs are 500 to 1000 hours; keep in mind that the number of hours mentioned is often designed for high-quality halogen bulbs. So, before you consider replacing your old halogen bulb on your car’s headlight, look for brands that offer quality performance and longer run time. You may read about a few known halogen light bulbs on Carnes Mechanical website.

Reason #2: Thermal stress

One of the drawbacks of a halogen bulb is the heat it produces, causing thermal stress.

Halogen light bulbs are built with glass filament, which helps stop the glass from blowing up. To emit light, the tungsten filament inside needs to get hot; however, if it gets too hot, the filament starts to melt, causing thermal stress, leading to the breaking of the glass, and eventually blowing up of the bulb.

To avoid this from happening, it boils into buying a quality-made halogen bulb. Also, it is essential not to extend its run-time, which is between 500 to 1000 hours, depending on the running time of the bulb. Additionally, if the bulb is showing signs that it requires replacement, it is best to replace it before it blows up.

Reason #3: It is affected by moisture

Several vehicles are built in a climate-controlled environment, sealing several parts from water intrusion; that includes the headlights. However, over time, the headlight housing loosens some of its parts causing moisture to penetrate inside the housing, affecting the bulb. And if the bulb gets affected by moisture, it may burn and blow up. Not only that, it can cause an electrical short-circuit, damaging several parts within the headlight area.

To avoid this from happening, always do a manual check-up if your headlights are sealed enough and there are no signs of housing cracks. And if the housing requires replacement, it is smart to replace it immediately to avoid further damages.

Final Thoughts

Halogen light bulbs are a good option for your headlight. It provides bright, crisp light. Also, it has a longer lifespan, and it is cheaper than LED bulbs. However, if halogen bulbs are used longer than their running time, they may blow up. Additionally, make sure to buy quality products only.