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How Do Hydraulic Floor Jacks Work?

Hydraulic floor jacks are popular among owners of motor vehicles and garages. They come in different capacities, sizes, and materials which allows the users to operate them smoothly and transport them conveniently. Many people still wonder how these tools are in a position to lift heavy motor vehicles with a lot of ease. They can easily allow the user to lift even three tons of car without using a lot of force. The article below will explain in details how these devices assist the user to achieve his or her mission.

A look at the key components

Have you ever wondered how do floor jacks work? Well, you first need to understand the key parts making the system. Hydraulic jacks have handles which connect them to a yoke. The whole system then connects to the bottle jack unit. Inside this bottle, there is a cylinder which contains a piston. Below these pistons, there are a couple of channels in addition to two check valves. Moreover, the system also includes a release valve and the pump cylinder which is located at the end of the system. The cylinder contains a hydraulic fluid which is the critical component of the whole system.

Lifting the vehicle up

When the user lifts the handle of the jack, the force applied makes the pump piston to rise. The fluid flows out of the cylinder, and the pump cylinder is filled with a certain amount of this fluid. When the user then lowers the handle, the force generated causes the pressurized fluid to be constrained by the check valves. The fluid is then transmitted into a different channel making it fill the main cylinder. This fluid pushes the lifting piston up. The force generated makes the vehicle to go up. When the process of lifting the handle of the jack is repeated for a number of times, the lifting piston continues to be pushed up. Finally, the vehicle is pushed up to the desired height.

Returning the vehicle to its original location

When you are done with working underneath the car, you can release it back to its initial position. This is achieved by turning the release valve slightly. The fluid is drained from the main cylinder back to the original reservoir. The action causes the piston to fall back to the starting position. Thus, your vehicle returns to the starting position.

Throughout the whole process of lifting the vehicle up and down, the bottle jack unit of the floor jack needs to be placed to the ground. Moreover, the piston needs to be attached to an arm using special joints. This enables the jack to move up and down without any complications.

Points to note

The jack uses pressurized fluid. Thus, the whole hydraulic system needs to be fully closed. This ensures that there is no leakage which can make the system inefficient. If the system is both air and water tight, even a weak person can lift a heavy vehicle easily.

As an owner of a motor vehicle, you need this jack to assist you in carrying to regular maintenance for your car.