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How do metal detectors work

A metal detector is an equipment that is used to discover metallic devices like relics, treasures, coins and other types of metal which are hidden a few meters under the ground. Many people use metal detector but they don’t know how they work. The following is a guide on how metal detector work.

A metal detector is lightweight consisting of a control box, shaft, a search coil and possibly a stabilizer. The control box contains the controls, circuitry, speaker, a microprocessor and batteries. The shaft joins the coil and the control box. Usually, it can be adjusted to the height and comfort of the user. The search coil senses the metal and sends the signal to the control box. The search coil is sometimes known as the head, antenna or loop. The stabilizer (optional) is used to keep the unit steady as you sweep it back and forth. Most metal detectors also have a jack that connects the headphones.

Using a metal detector consists of turning the unit on and moving it slowly back it backward and forward over a small area around you. A signal occurs when a target is recognized. Some metal detectors have a display that lets you know what kind of metal is being detected and how deep the target is on the ground. All metal detectors use any of the following techs.

  • (PI) Pulse induction
  • (VLF)Very low frequency
  • (BFO) Beat-frequency oscillation

The first and most common is “VLF” or very low frequency. Not as common is the technology that uses pulse induction (PI). PI systems uses one coil as both receiver and transmitter, or they can also have more 3 coils working together.

The most common technique is called (BFO) beat-frequency oscillator. This system uses wired coils. One large coil is placed inside the search head, and the other smaller coil is placed inside the control box.

This is only a bare-bones explanation of the makings of a metal detector. I believe that understanding the basics of how something works helps one become more adept in their treasure hunting. Research the different types of detectors and decide which one is best for your needs.