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How To Fold Your Dress Shirt When Traveling

If you are traveling on a trip, one thing you should know is how to pack your clothes. Poorly packed clothes expose them to wrinkles or they can even get dirty before you even reach your destination. You will find that some basic packing tips are necessary.

There are different packing ways for different clothes with different types of fabric. For instance, soft clothes can just be rolled while you will have to fold stiffer clothes. This will help a great deal in preventing them from being wrinkled when you are traveling.

There are the variety of ways of folding different types of clothes, mainly depending on your preference. Some clothes like a dress shirt may be tricky to get done. In this post on how to fold your dress shirt when traveling, you will get more than one way of folding it.

For starters, get a flat surface like an iron board or a table and place your dress shirt. You will have to button it up so that you are ensured of a wrinkle-free shirt when you want to wear it.

The basic folding technique is laying the dress shirt so that its back faces you. From there you will have to smoothen it to get rid of unwanted folds and wrinkles on its surface. The next step is to fold the sleeves horizontally so that they cross through to the middle of the back. From here you can either fold them back and bring them downwards or fold them back and fold them without bringing them downwards.

Either way, you choose, hold the bottom of the shirt and fold it by bringing it up. Fold your dress shirt in half by bringing it up lengthwise until the bottom part touches the collar. You can then fold it again to have a smaller shape that will be highly convenient when parking.

Lastly, you should know that you can also pack your dress shirt into a suitcase by rolling it on its length. You can follow the above steps, until when you have folded the sleeves behind the dress shirt. The next step is to roll it up into a compact bundle. In this way, you will save a lot of space and thus you can carry more clothes.

You will find folding a cloth quite convenient for traveling and even if you just want to put it back on your wardrobe. This is because this technique will give you a wrinkle-free cloth every time you want to wear it.

Proper packing and folding of clothing will help a great deal in avoiding wrinkles on a cloth. You should, however, note that wrinkles may appear on the clothing because of the fabric and weave design, how long the cloth has been in a suitcase and other factors may set in. So you should consider these factors to avoid ending up with wrinkled clothes while on a trip, more so for your dress shirt.