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How To Make Money With A Drone

It has not come to the knowledge of many people that in real sense drones can be used to make money. Drones themselves are a hidden opportunity for photographers to make some more extra cash than they used to. It has been witnessed that pilots are quitting their jobs to get into this big opportunity. However, it is yet not late for those that are attracted to venture into this field. Here are a number of ways one may consider investing in order to make cash using drones. Click here to read more.

Aerial Property Inspection Services

Many of the drone operators have ventured into offering inspection services to various companies around the globe. Examples, where these services are offered, include bridge inspections, gas pipelines, and cell towers inspection. This is so since drones can reach places that are considered dangerous for humans. They also take a short time to complete the inspection job. This inspection field is considered to be what will be the biggest opportunity for those people working with drones.

Aerial survey

Wondering on how to make money using a drone? Investing in aerial survey or mapping will be a great opportunity. With the improved technology, drones have been equipped with gadgets that allow 3D mapping. These services will be greatly needed in agriculture, in real estate planning, mining, among other areas. A drone with a bird-eye view will be able to offer a quick way of doing ground mapping services. Mapping using drones is preferred as it can measure different height levels on the ground.


The invention of drones is expected to make work easier in surveillance services. In the United States, the annual basic salary for a surveillance worker is estimated to be around 50,000 dollars in a year. It has been witnessed that large companies are already recruiting people who own drones to do these activities for them. They consider this as a cost-effective method that is able to do continuous camera surveillance since and carries with it no limitations.

Making delivery services

Big companies example the Amazon and the Australian Post have been seen to use drones to make trials in their service deliveries. Medical facilities and charity organizations have also employed the use of drones to make deliveries to areas that are out of reach. Using drone for delivery services is considered to be a less expensive solution. If you own a drone, consider service delivery as an opportunity to get you some extra cash.

News making

Journalists have of late done a lot of investment in employing drones in the gathering of information. We have witnessed the use of unmanned aerial drones in documentation and providing video footages in places faced with conflict, disasters, accidents or even wars. The UAV cameras fixed on the drones are able to offer the journalist with a safe distance to work from. Drones are considered to be less expensive compared to commercial piloted helicopters. These types of drones have as well been used by celebrity photographers.

How to make money using a drone occurs in different ways. To understand this better, consider investing in one of the above ways, and see yourself earning some extra cash.