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How to Speed Up Your WiFi: Essential Things to Consider

The internet has gone through an evolution over time and Wi-Fi is among its crucial developments. However, there are many things that can make this development to be frustrating. Bad reception, slow speed, and other Wi-Fi problems can be so discouraging when using it. Speed problems are not a simple thing that you can diagnose considering the manner in which the Wi-Fi works. It can be a single variable which has the potential to cut the speed of your Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is crucial to know what you are looking for when enhancing the speed of your Wi-Fi. There is some good news on how one can overcome these challenges.

Find a Wi-Fi adapter

There are a number of things that you can do to get the solution on how to speed up your Wi-Fi: Essential things to consider. Buying an adapter can be a solution to enhance the Wi-Fi speed in your computer or laptop. These devices get old but we may not want to let them go. In such situations, we may not have money to buy other devices. You can decide to buy the adapter and then plug it in the USB port of your laptop. They may look bulky or dorky but they are better option to enhance the speed of your Wi-Fi. The speed can be higher especially if the adapter has the same capabilities as the router.

A Wi-Fi mesh can be considered

It can be difficult to have a strong Wi-Fi network signal to the whole of your home or the place of work. Your options may be limited in this case and it can be to add another access point for the Wi-Fi or the signal of your primary router can be extended. The system of wireless mesh can be of great importance to extend the network coverage. You can easily set them and manage using an app in your smartphone. Some of the systems entail a dedicated backhaul hence their points of access can link with each other hence you get the best speed.

Do not hide your router

No matter how the router looks like, it should never be stuffed in a cupboard or behind the cabinet of the TV. You can only achieve the best network signal if only you put it in an open place. Obstructions like walls can hinder the speed of the Wi-Fi. Some of the routers have mounting holes that are pre-installed and therefore they will enable you to mount it on a wall. The antennas, on the other hand, should be perpendicularly pointed and the router can be elevated if possible. Also, ensure that it is placed at the center of your home so that it gets to evenly cover your house.

Avoid crowded channels

Routers from your neighbors and their access points can have significant interference to your router hence lowering its speed. The Wi-Fi router is built in a manner that they can operate on a number of channels. It is important to have yours on a channel that has little or no interference as possible. The router has the ability to select a channel that is best but it is also good to ensure that it has evaluated the situation well. There are tools that like Wi-Fi analyzer that can help with that. You may also choose to manually pick channels in case the router poorly picked.