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How to use a weed eater

It is the joy of every homeowner to have a beautiful lawn, gardens, and yards. But it takes work and dedication. And unfortunately, most people tend to give up on the way. One way to make your landscape inviting is trimming off the weeds. Weeds are annoying. They grow along the fences or in your garden. A weed trimmer is a perfect tool to help you get rid of these unwanted plants.

However, like any other tool you need to learn the basics of how to use it. Luckily, weed whackers are simple to use. And don’t require any serious training. As long as you understand the type of weed eater you have, you can be able you use it. This guide will show you how to use a weed eater for your trimming job. Read more at the greenery guide.

Understand the type of weed eater you have and the safety measures

A weed trimmer may be electric, battery or gas-powered. Just like any other tool, weed eaters come with a manual. You should use the manual to understand the buttons of the weed eater. Familiarize with the switch, the trigger for a throttle and if you are using a gas powered one, get to understand the starter rope and the primer tank. Safety should be your number one priority. Weed eaters are dangerous and therefore you need to take proper precautions every time you are using them. Be cautious of the spinning strings and wear proper shoes, gloves, eye protection, and ear muffs.

Understand the basics of trimming

The first thing you need to do is to adjust the trimmer to a comfortable height. Some trimmers come with adjustable handles but in others, you will be forced to refer to the manual. After the height, set the correct trimming speed. If you set it too fast it may be hard to cut evenly within the line. Most trimming jobs will just need enough throttle speed. You also need to refill the trimmer head according to the type of cutting line specified by the manufacturer. Too thick or too thin lines may not fit perfectly into the ports of trimmer head. Also, remember to cut in the right direction. Most trimmers spin counterclockwise.

For satisfactory results, therefore, you should sweep the trimmer head from right to left. When it comes to cutting, if it’s your first time using a weed whacker, start slowly and cut evenly. But it all depends on what you are cutting. If you are trimming pavements, cut the tip of the line. If you are trimming a fence, start the trimming further from the border and gradually move towards it but pay attention not to cut to the material that you don’t want to trim it. Also, trim high grass from top to bottom instead of cutting the whole plant.

Weeds are destructive and are the last plants you would want in your garden or on your fence and pavements. However, if you use this guide, weed whacking will be easy and fun. Remember, to be extra careful because your safety comes first. Also, ensure that the trimmer line is trimmed to a proper head.