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How To Use Vanilla Extract For Toothache

Most of us have suffered a toothaches from time to time it may be easy to endure. But this may be so painful if we are not planning to see a dentist immediately. There are ways so help you contain the pains as you wait for an appointment with your doctor like using vanilla extract.

Vanilla is more than a tasty ingredient used as a flavor for food. This is one of the ingredients used as a medicine by most people at home. This is common for as toothache cure and helps in healing mouth pains.

Importance of vanilla in toothache treatments.

Vanilla has properties like analgesic and antiseptic making it possible to relive the pains, but temporally. One property of vanilla which is Eugenol is usually used in the dental offices for temporary fillings.

If you are suffering from toothaches, then you have to try vanilla as it is readily available at our homes its main use is cooking and baking, but it was discovered to be a good reliever of toothaches if it is a pure vanilla extract.

How to apply vanilla Extract.

Use cotton balls and vanilla for a toothache relieve.

Pour pure vanilla extra into a bowl and put cotton balls so that the vanilla is on the cotton balls use your hands and apply to the affected gums in the affected teeth. You may leave the cotton balls in the affected area for some time.

Repeat the application of vanilla extract on the aching tooth.

If this pain persists for more than 2days without any sign of relief, you have to visit your dentist as soon as possible. This home remedy is a temporary relief.It will always wise to visit your dentist to identify the primary cause of pains and prevent further damage. You will know if the problem will be solved by vanilla extra as for some problem this remedy will never solve.

What causes toothaches?

There is a number of things that can cause toothaches they include Root exposure, dental cavity, dental abscess, and inflammation. These all factors may cause a toothache are defined as the varying level of pain you might fall on your tooth or jaws.

Knowing the cause of toothaches will helps us understand that though vanilla is one of the best home remedies for a toothache it may never solve all the problems.The best medicine for toothaches is visiting your dentist since they will diagnose the root of the aches and give the appropriate medicine.