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Important Triathlon Accessories

3A triathlon is a physical event that usually involves three types of sports namely running, swimming, and cycling. As can be denoted, it is already known that each athlete should have his or her own bike, helmet, knee and elbow pads, swimming attire, cap and hat, earplugs and nose plugs, goggles, running shoes, hydration belt, sunglasses, and a bag to keep and hold everything. Those are common accessories that every athlete must wear in order to do the activities. However, there are certain accessories that some athletes often forget when they attend triathlon events.


One of which is the set of tools for the bicycle in case any problems occur. Nowadays, people can already find a pocket tool that already has the necessary items needed to change a tire. Athletes should also have spare tubes and tire levers. Apart from a multi-tool kit, triathletes should also make sure that they have a sunscreen. Although such may sound odd for some, it should be remembered that the event will usually take hours of running, swimming, and cycling under the sun. Hence, a sunscreen is important for them to protect their skin and prevent the occurrence of painful sunburns. These sunscreens should be the ones that are designed to withstand sweating.


Another product that athletes need to apply on their skin and have on their list is the so-called anti-chafing product or lube. It is just like a sunscreen but this one is responsible for preventing the occurrence of rashes caused by the wetsuit. The athletes will be moving around in water and sweat-soaked clothing which will be rubbing their skin for hours. With the help of anti-chafing products, the necklines, arm lines, and the likes that will be constantly rubbing the skin will be lubricated. Hence, there will be less or no irritations.


In addition, nowadays, triathletes are now recommended to have a heart rate monitor, a fitness tracker, and a watch. As the name implies, the monitor will record the user’s heart rate from start to finish. The tracker will be recording and monitoring the user’s speed and other metrics. Lastly, the watch will be the one that is responsible for determining the total time of the athlete from start to finish. All of which can help determine the athlete’s progress, as well as his or her weakness that needs to be improved.


Nevertheless, technology has changed a lot and many manufacturers have come up with a watch that can do the functions of the three separate products. Hence, triathletes can already find the so-called triathlon watches. They are built to measure and record the user’s heart rate, speed, distance, time, cadence, and more. Some brands also have GPS tracking systems that make measuring and recording more accurate and easier. Also, there are brands that can sync with other devices so that the user can play and listen to music while running, swimming, and cycling.


Triathletes who are interested in looking for a triathlon watch that will work best for their needs and wants can learn more on this page.