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Is an Environment-Friendly Outdoor Chair Possible?

Approximately 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut each year in the U.S. A huge percentage of this number goes into the production of paper. Meanwhile, a fraction of it goes to the furniture industry. With such high number of trees being cut down each year, it is not surprising that deforestation is widely spreading in the U.S. and across different countries. If this issue is not solved, it could create a global problem.

The use of plastic is another environmental issue that needs a solution. According to a survey, the U.S. used 14 million tons of plastic in the year 2017. This number will snowball if the country continues to use plastic. This material is commonly found in nondurable products like diapers, trash bags, cups, utensils, and many more. Meanwhile, some of it goes into the production of durable products like furniture.

If cutting down trees harms the environment, as well as using an excessive amount of plastic, how can furniture companies comprise and prevent adding to this growing problem?

The answer is environment-friendly furniture.

Introducing Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair

The Highwood USA Outdoor Furniture is one of the several companies in the U.S. that values the importance of saving the environment. With this conviction, the Highwood promises not to use materials and form of production that harms the environment. Following this principle, Highwood only utilizes recycled plastic materials in manufacturing their products.

Moreover, the company depends on a solar-powered energy factory to create high-quality outdoor chairs. It is no wonder that many recommend checking out the Highwood Hamilton adirondack chair.

Why You Must Consider this Outdoor Chair? 

The Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair is an environment-friendly product. It came from premium grade materials and recycled plastics. Aside from these features, the Adirondack chair has more to offer. To learn more about this, read below.

           #1 Durable

Though Adirondack came from recycled plastics, this chair is guaranteed durable and strong. It lasts longer compared to traditional wooden chairs. Moreover, it has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, which is higher than most outdoor chairs in the market today.

           #2 Weatherproof

Adirondack is a weather-resistant outdoor chair. It could withstand various weather elements such as heat, rain, and snow. Likewise, the chair is resistant to insect attacks that commonly happen to wooden furniture. Therefore, Adirondack can survive even during the harshest climate.

           #3 Low-Maintenance

Since this outdoor chair is weatherproof, it is not prone to peeling and damage. Adirondack chair is low-maintenance furniture. It does not require regular staining, fixing, and resealing. You can leave it outdoors and remain in top shape.


In a nutshell, Adirondack chair by Highwood Hamilton is a high-quality and versatile product that is worth considering on your list. If you need an outdoor chair to sit and relax, it is the best bet.

Unfortunately, Adirondack is more expensive than other outdoor chairs. If you are looking for a more affordable option, this source will provide you the best alternatives. Also, see this source for additional details about Highwood Hamilton Adirondack.