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Is Bigger better or Small is Safer?

Is Bigger better or Small is Safer?

There are a wide range of dog breeds to choose from. You can choose from large breeds, small breeds, hyper breeds and calm breeds. The question is, what type of dog is right for you? The truth is, the type of dog that is right for you greatly depends on your family dynamic.

Is a Bigger or Smaller Dog Safer?

Overall, a dog that is big, or a dog that is small can produce the same, loving, companion results. The difference in breeds is the personality, the energy level and what you want your dog to be able to do.


If you want your dog to go to the park and play fetch with you, you will most likely want a medium or larger size dog. If you want your dog to comfortably cuddle on the couch with you, without pushing you in the floor, a small dog is recommended.

Does Size Relate to Safety?

The size of a dog only relates to safety if you are looking for a puppy. A puppy, no matter what size it is, can be rambunctious, ornery, clumsy and hyper. If the puppy is large, he may not know his size and try to play as though he is a smaller dog. This can result in you being bumped into, slammed into, and small children being sat on.

If you are willing to work through the rough puppy years, or you don’t have any small children around, a large dog may interest you.

Small dogs are intimidated by small children poking and prodding at them. This can result in the child being nipped out of fear. Over time, this nipping can become a habit, especially if your dog started out as an anxious dog. Over time, this innocent nipping can turn into aggression, but since your dog is small, you may not notice that it is the beginning signs of aggression.

Overall Safety for Large or Small

Whether your dog is large or small, they will require extensive training when you first bring them home. Whether you like large dogs or small dogs, getting a dog will require a lot of effort, energy and training.

Choosing a small or large dog will not make a difference in what to expect from your pet. What will make a difference is the time, discipline, dedication and training you are willing to put into your puppy or dog.

The Short Answer

Each breed of dog, whether they are large or small, does not determine what type of dog you will end up with, only what your dog will look like. Your personal dedication will determine whether a large dog, or a small dog, will be what is right for your family and your personal home dynamic.

Before choosing a dog, foster a few from your local shelter. This will give you a great idea of what to expect from a furry new companion, and what you will be able to handle in your daily life.

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