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Is Rice at Risk? Droughts Hurting Production

Is Rice at Risk? Droughts Hurting Production

Droughts are not a potential threat, they are a reality. While they are easier to forecast than in the past, the best way to deal with a drought is to prepare for one ahead of time and hope your planning will see you through to more prosperous times in the future. By 2050, the growing effects of climate change combined with a burgeoning population will increase the frequency of drought and food insecurity that has been a problem decades prior to now.

A look into the future is worthy of a wince. Droughts will hurt production of many grains and vegetables. For example, California’s Central Valley, a virtual cornucopia supplying produce on a national and worldwide scale, is feeling the negative effects of harsh weather, specifically detrimental to crops like rice, sunflowers, wheat, tomatoes, and cotton. Yet another study suggests that with the population of the United States expected to increase in the range of 120 million people by 2050, and while the forecast until then is full of threats associated with climate change, including massive amounts of rainfall as well as record heat waves, the effects of these conditions will be tolerable for the next 30 years. It will not take more than a one or two degree deviation of warmth in temperature to disrupt the vegetable, fruit, and nut crops we have taken for granted for so long to give us a rude awakening.

The future is bleak, in more ways than one. That is simply fact. But it is knowledge like this that can be empowering and allows for the possibility to prepare for and mitigate the impact of future realities is already something we can control. As mentioned earlier, the price of rice, along with other grains and vegetables, will rise. The evidence presented earlier suggests anecdotally that the prices of meat and electricity will rise as well.

If you are considering smart and sensible ways to prepare for what lies in the very near future, a rice cooker makes a lot of sense for you and your family. A cursory look at what lies ahead of us in the next several years reveals how important conservation and awareness of the world around us and the new reality that needs to be adapted to and adjusted for in order to maintain a healthy and reasonable facsimile of the comfort we used to think would always be the norm.

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