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KidsTime Baby Travel Bed Review

If you have been looking for a travel crib to buy for your baby, the KidsTime Baby Travel Bed is a very choice to start with. This baby crib is very popular and a favorite amongst parents.

After going through this KidsTime Baby Travel Bed Review, you would be able to decide if this travel crib is what you need to take with you on your family trips.

This travel crib is a very good choice for parents who are looking for an affordable tent that can protect their child from insects, flies, and bugs. The crib comes with a treated net that your child can easily breathe through when the crib is zipped up. The tent is made from cotton and polyester mesh. It does not prevent air from entering the crib. The tent provides ultimate protection for your child against flying and crawling insects. It gives the child a comfortable environment and a safe environment to sleep in. Another great feature of this crib is that it is very easy to set up and can easily be folded inside the bag. It does not require any complicated procedure to set it up. The tent is a very affordable and built to last long. You can carry this tent anywhere because of its lightweight.


  • It comes with mosquito net made from cotton and polyester mesh for toddlers
  • It has an iron wire inside to keep the crib stable
  • It has a comfortable mattress and baby pillow
  • It has a carry bag


  • Keeps your child safe from insects and fling bugs
  • It is very light and easy to carry around
  • The crib is very easy to set up and can be folded easily inside its carry bag
  • The mosquito net can allow the child to breathe air easily
  • It provides shade from the sun
  • It is affordable


  • The treatable mosquito net can be toxic to some children


If you are looking for a travel crib that will give your child a good and comfortable sleep without any disturbance, then the KidsTime Baby Travel Bed should be your next buy. This tent is a good choice for parents to buy for their kids. The mosquito net will protect the child from being attacked while they are having a comfortable sleep. The net is safe for children and does not restrict breathing. They can easily and comfortable sleep inside the crib without any disturbance from the flies around the environment.

With this travel bed, you have the best experience during your travel and your family stays protected from any form of insects that may be flying around. The tent also provides shade against the sun for your baby. The best part about this tent is that it is very affordable especially if you are living on a budget. The tent is very light to carry around during your trips and will not add weight to your luggage especially when you travel by air or whatever form you choose to travel.