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List Of Celebrities That Flaunt Their Chest Hair

List Of Celebrities That Flaunt Their Chest Hair

Whilst some men prefer to sport the smooth chest look, there are a growing number of men that instead chose to flaunt their chest hair. Flaunting chest hair is reminiscent of the 1970’s where displaying a hairy chest was seen as a sign of virility and masculinity.

Although men that display chest hair look as if they have a devil may care look, it can actually take work to keep chest hair looking tamed and presentable. That’s where the new breed of body groomers come in, they help to tame stray hairs, allowing chest hair to look sexy and manageable.

The following list of male celebrities that have helped to make chest hair fashionable again include:

1.  Alec Baldwin, Alec certainly manages to make chest hair look sexy and desirable

2.  Hugh Jackman, Hugh is not slow to show off his wolverine tendencies by displaying his chest hair.

3.  Jason statham, his chest hair helps to display his macho side in keeping with the tough characters he plays.

4.  Burt Reynolds, the iconic 70’s pin up

5.  Tom Selleck, Another 70’s hero

6.  Simon Cowell, simon isn’t scared to bare his hairy chest when the mood suits.

7.  Sean Connery, the iconic scotsman. His chest hair makes him irresistible to most women.

8.  Jude Law, chest hair adds to his sex appeal, and helps distract from his thinning locks.

9.  Tom Sellick, more of a rug than chest hair, but works all the same.

10. David Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame, his chest hair certainly makes him stand out from the crowd.

What all these celebrities have in common is that they also have well toned, incredibly fit bodies. Chest hair alongside a beer gut does not quite cut the same handsome picture.

If chest hair really is not your thing, then you need to think about shaving the hair on a regular basis. There is a choice of traditional razors or electric shavers and both have advantages and disadvantages. if you decide to shave your chest you will need to do this on a regular basis to maintain the smooth look.

List Of Celebrities That Flaunt Their Chest Hair Credit Picture License: Mark Witton via photopin cc