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Man Is The Cheetah’s Worst Enemy

Man Is The Cheetah’s Worst Enemy

Cheetahs are a beautiful species of animal that typically inhabit areas in Africa. They are the world’s fastest animal and can run up to 75 miles per hour. Cheetahs are primarily found in Africa where there are open spaces with grassy plains or deserts so that they have room to run. You may be curious as to what cheetahs eat. I would say pretty much whatever they want but they primarily feast on impalas, gazelles, rabbits, warthogs and other smaller animals that they can catch easily. They have poor night vision so they do their hunting during the day.

The sad thing about these beautiful creatures is that humans are impacting their ability to inhabit in their tall grassy areas. There are not many areas a cheetah can inhabit due to situations within human control. So what is the human race doing to put cheetahs and their homes in danger?

In wildlife reserves and other national parks, cheetahs do not do so well due to the fact that there are other predators such as leopards and lions that put them in danger as well as take away their opportunities for prey. This puts the cheetah in extreme danger by stealing their food and putting them at risk for becoming prey themselves. 90% of cheetahs do not survive in these specific areas. So cheetahs must then migrate to unprotected lands and come in contact with humans which causes a big problem.

If they come into a farmer’s territory, this puts his livestock at risk which causes them to trap the cheetah or simply shoot it. More often than not the cheetahs are blamed for the killing of livestock which is not their doing. Sadly this is not the only way that cheetahs are put into danger by humans.

The illegal wildlife trade causes a huge problem for cheetahs. There is an extremely high demand for cheetahs to become pets.  So much so that many times they are illegally captured and struggled into different countries many of which do not even survive the transport. This is very saddening as all cheetahs really wish to do is thrive in their own environment without contact with humans.

There are many ways that we as humans can not only help keep our animals safe from human harm but also help our environment to become a safer and cleaner place for them to inhabit. Building safer eco-friendly homes can help give them cleaner air to breathe. There are also petitions available online where you can help keep animals such as the cheetah safe from people. Cheetahs are simply in need of a safe place to run and survive. In the long run, I think that is the least we can do for them.

Man Is The Cheetah’s Worst Enemy Credit Picture License: mcoughlin via photopin cc