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Men’s Buyer Guide For Purchasing Hair Clippers

Lately, there are a variety of men’s hair clippers in your stores that are designed for both domestic and professional use; you can read reviews of the best hair clippers. We will not interfere with your freedom to choose your preferred clipper, but we will give you essential tips on selecting best hair clippers, regardless of your preferences and skill level.

These clippers are commonly used in taking care of body grooming needs; cutting and styling hair and styling beads.

What you must consider before making your purchase

There are many features of hair clippers you can put into consideration, some of which are not discussed herein. However, as aforementioned, you can refer to reviews of the best hair clippers for further details. In this article, we have listed the most relevant and most important aspects of choice as you will realize.

1. Motor

A kind of motor hints on the power of your clipper, however, a powerful motor does not necessarily lead to smoother cuts. There are three types of motors namely; universal (magnetic), rotary and pivot motors.

Universal motors are those that operate on DC or AC. Because of their starting torque, they are capable of high speed hence noisy. Being lightweight and compact, they are commonly used for home appliances. Finally, they tear and wear quite fast.

Trimmers with rotary motors are very versatile to make a variety of cuts. This is because they have an even quantity of power and blade speed i.e. its power is equivalent to the blade speed.

On the other hand, pivot motors have high power and low speed, making them suitable for thick or wet hair. They are commonly used by professional barbers.

2. Blades

A choice of blade material is critical as regards to efficiency, rust-resistant blades last longer and stay sharp for a longer period. If you go for High-carbon steel blades which are self-sharpening or the finest titanium, you expect best results but you must be willing to part with a few dollars more. Other options available are the ceramic blades with a capacity to stay cold even after prolonged use but are expensive to replace and fragile.

3. Cutting length

Different blades allow different cutting lengths, depending on your preferences, select appropriately. Also, consider the guard/comb lengths that come with it. However, the guard/combs can be bought separately.

4. Robustness and easy handling

A good practice is to handle and try out before purchasing a hair clipper to test the ease of handling it. A good model should be lightweight with a solid grip. Being precision machines, hair clippers are usually calibrated although the vibration usually challenges the calibration, making prior testing vital.

5. Wet or dry clippers

We have waterproof models that can be conveniently used with shaving foams and lotions or even used in the shower. Depending on your choice, you can purchase clippers that fit your needs, but remember the more the features, the more the cost.

Selecting a hair clipper for a man is not a very easy task owing to the variety available in the market, but with proper guidance, you will certainly make a good choice.