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Milos Islands, the ideal honey moon destination for outdoor enthusiasts

Milos IslandsMy fiancée and I are great lovers of the outdoors. Before we got married, whenever we could, we spent a lot of time in parks and beaches that are within a short distance from our city. When we were getting married, we decided that we would travel to Europe for our honeymoon where it was famed that there were awesome romantic outdoor attractions. We also wanted to have a feel of something exotic, something different from what we had in the country.

This would be the first time for each of us to visit Europe. We were quite excited about it. Deciding on the perfect destination for our honeymoon was a tough process. Europe was studded with just too many places where we could visit and have a terrific time. Our main priorities however were destinations that would offer great outdoor attractions that included some sporting action. We were both great enthusiasts of physical activities.

Paris, Amsterdam and Venice were obviously a huge attraction that we were considering. Unfortunately, in many of this countries, we could not have the perfect combinations of outdoor activities that we sought. We crossed off many other European travel destinations due to the same reason. Finally we set our sights on Greece.

Apart from great weather, Greece was an awesome place in terms of romantic outdoor attractions. We were especially excited by the prospects of enjoying the various water/ sea sports that the country offered. Through internet research through the various tourist destination websites, we were particularly fascinated by Greece kayaking expeditions that were being highly praised and recommended by previous visitors.

The decision was finally made that we would visit the Milos Islands. My fiancée had discovered a glorious offer that was being made by one of the hotels in the islands that would coincide beautifully with the time we had planned for our honeymoon. The offer would help us save a lot of money that we could spend on souvenirs and other luxuries on out trip. We immediately made our online hotel reservations and booked our flight accordingly.

Immediately after we were declared husband and wife, we jetted off for the enchanting islands.

Looking at the islands from my plane window as we landed gave me a splendid view of the famous tourist attractions. The lush vegetation surrounded by beautiful blue waters was like a glimpse of paradise. The white warm sandy beaches were dotted with lush beautifully built luxury resorts. On the beaches I could also see tourists basking in the sand, taking walks, walking their pets, or enjoying various beach sports. The waters were also alive with activity from tourists surfing, kayaking, swimming, or simply leisurely floating on the clear waters.

We were particularly thrilled to see numerous kayaking tourists since this was an activity that we had set our minds on exploring during our honeymoon. It looked like a great fun activity that could be coupled with camping in the outdoors. Before flying out we had arranged to have a camping trip that would involve kayaking through some adventurous waters where we could enjoy viewing marine wildlife. We could also take photos, and fish from the comforts of our kayaks.