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My kids insisted that our vacation had to have some kayaking

Picture by Theo Moye/ 13.09.09 Activities at Wimbleball Lake, Exmoor.

Last year was a wonderful year for me. Being a salesman, I was able to land two major clients for the company I work for. The clients are multinational companies and this means that our company will get lots of income from them. My employees were thrilled with my achievements and apart from finally granting me my promotion that was long overdue, they offered to give me an all expense covered vacation for me and my family. The vacation would be for two straight weeks and I was free to choose a destination from anywhere in the world.

As you would expect, I was over the moon with joy. One, I could now finally take my family to a descent vacation, and two, I could rest assured that I could now manage my expenses better with the pay rise that came along with the promotion.

My wife was also ecstatic with the news. She had started having misgivings about my company which she had been rightly complaining about that I was giving my all for them while they were not showing any appreciation. She had often lamented of the many hours I gave to my work such that I could not have enough time for my family. She continued that despite not getting enough time with my family, my wages were barely enough to help us meet all our needs. Finally the pay rise would help us have some breathing space.

She was also thrilled with the news of the trip. We had always planned for an overseas vacation since when we got married, but the dream had never come into fruition. The dreams had seemed to fade farther into the distance with the arrival of our two daughters which had not met any respective change in our income. The gift of an all paid vacation was simply God sent.

At first we were so excited that we could not clearly think of where we wanted to go for the vacation. All destinations seemed to be so good. Finally we decided to be objective with our choosing and consider only tourist attractions around the world that would be convenient for a family.

Our darling daughters whom we dotted on, had also been gripped with the excitement and were also contributing ideas. They had all kinds of fancy suggestions and could not also seem to reach a conclusion of what they wanted. They however insisted said they wanted to go somewhere where they could ride on a kayak.

I did not understand where the idea of kayaking had come from but my wife made me understand that this had been influenced by a TV show they had watched a few weeks before that had been centered on a family adventure aboard a kayak.

Their desire for kayaking was too much and we had to put it as a priority when searching for the place to visit. We had to find a place that had kayaking tourist attractions ideal for a family.

Finally we chose Croatia as our destination. The country offered an assortment of tourist attraction including castles, beautiful scenery, natural parks, beautiful traditional cultures, and kayaking heavens.