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Offset Smoker Reviews

Spending the weekend with family is often practiced by a lot of people. When it comes to this kind of gathering, there is no need to have detailed planning or extravagant decorations. A simple barbeque on the backyard will suffice. A common American family is known to enjoy gatherings like this; children running around the lawn while parents and adults enjoy each other’s company. Normally, in this kind of gatherings, the father’s or men are the ones in charge of the grill. Men and their grills; it is sometimes a competition on who grills the best meat. But the quality of the food is not entirely dependent on the cooking skill; the machine or the cooking tool is also one of the most important factors that can give the food justice.

Choosing for the best offset smoker to use in these gatherings might be confusing as there are different types and kind. Before purchasing one, it might be best for you to read the machine reviews.

There are six (6) types of offset smokers:

  1. Horizontal Smoker – Has two (2) chambers:  Cooking chamber and a Firebox
  2. Vertical Smoker – Has three (3) compartments: Large Barrel cooking chamber, Pan or Bowl ( Stores water for regulation of heat towards main chamber), and firebox
  3. Reverse Flow Offset Smoker – a kind of horizontal offset smoke. The difference is that it has additional metal plate. This plate helps direct heat to the opposite side of the smoker.
  4. Drum Smoker – Cheap smoker and is best if you are looking for a smaller option. Made from the basic metal drums that have two (2) compartments: cooking chamber and firebox.
  5. Box Smoker – Also known as the cabinet smoker. As its name implies, it is like a cabinet with many racks; giving you the option to cook more.
  6. Pellet Grill – Used for high temperature steak grilling. Although this is on the expensive side, this is still one of the most sought out offset grill in the market.

An offset smoker might be the missing factor to give more color to your special barbeque party. If you are looking for the best offset smoker for you, here are the top two (2) recommended offset smokers in the market today.

1. Dyna Glo DGO1890DC D Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

This Offset smoker has six (6) cooking grates; making it best for those who plan to cook for a bigger crowd. It is also equipped with removable pan for a proper charcoal and ash management system. To get the classic flavour of a smokehouse, cook the meat in a low and slow smoker like this.

2. Char Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

The Char Broil American Gourmet Smoker has a total of 477 sq. cooking surface and a 3 piece smoking chamber; this helps maintain temperature and also eliminates air loss. Also, this offset smoker is equipped with a side shelf; making it more convenient for you to grill.

For a more detailed review on the best offset smokers in the market, visit In this site, you will find more reviews on the offset smokers that you will surely enjoy.